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ZARINA Jewelry House is the first diamond jewelry brand in Ukraine, founded in 1998 by Natalia Netovkina with endless love and respect for women.

The main mission of ZARINA Jewelry House is to reveal the values ​​of every woman.

ZARINA Jewelry House is not just a brand that creates jewelry. It is a powerful platform for uniting active women. We believe that ZARINA jewelry is a source of strength and a tool to unleash the potential of every woman. We want to help reveal these values ​​to every Ukrainian.

Today ZARINA has five subbrands: YOU, STORY, CREATIVE, JEWEL, FINE. Each of them represents jewelry for a specific audience, each unique in its emotional content and values. Our task is to offer something special for every Ukrainian, to make the jewelry from ZARINA Jewelry House make every Ukrainian family happy.



ZARINA YOU: "My value is my mood." Bright decorations for a young audience. Jewelry that reflects the mood of its owner and the boundless desire for constant change and finding yourself.

ZARINA STORY: "My value is my stories." Sentimental jewelry for romantic and sensual natures, for each of these jewelry - a special event or story.

ZARINA CREATIVE: "My value is what I want!" Jewelry for creative audiences. For those for whom it is important to stand out from the crowd, for whom jewelry is a manifestation of non-standard and creativity.

ZARINA JEWEL: "My value is self-love." Jewelry that emphasizes the exceptional status of the owner and will never go out of fashion. The collections of this subbrand have won the hearts of thousands of Ukrainian women.

ZARINA FINE: "I am the value". Real works of jewelry, some of them are completely unique and exist in a single copy. ZARINA Fine jewelry is designed for women who do not stop and continue to improve themselves, even if they have already reached extraordinary heights. For them, hedonism is a worthy reward for hard work.


ZARINA has always valued and respected outstanding Ukrainian women. We are proud that at one time the faces of the ZARINA brand were Solomiya Vitvitska, Marina Leonchuk, Olga Freimut.

We continue this tradition. Famous women who live and work in Ukraine and share the values ​​of ZARINA - the face of our subbrands:

ZARINA Jewel's face - Yanina Sokolova, journalist, public figure, the best blogger of Ukraine in 2019 according to ICTV, founder of the #Worthy Foundation.

Face of ZARINA Fine - Oksana Madarash, famous choirmaster-producer, People's Artist of Ukraine, conductor-director of the Kyiv National Academic Operetta Theater.

The face of ZARINA Story - Anna-Sofia Scheller, American ballerina of Argentine descent, prima ballerina of the Opera and Ballet Theaters of New York and San Francisco. Since 2019 - prima ballerina of the National Opera and Ballet Theater of Ukraine.

The face of ZARINA Creative is the outrageous and bright Alina Pash, a popular Ukrainian rapper, a finalist of the 6th season of X-Factor.

The face of ZARINA You - Marusya Ionova, actress, musician, participant of the TseSho theater project.

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