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  1. Table set Jules Verne Credan
    Special Price €1'110 Regular Price €1'387
  2. Desktop clock with a pendulum linea Argenti
    Special Price €2'560 Regular Price €3'200
  3. Whiskey set Renzo Romagnoli
    Special Price €911 Regular Price €1'139
  4. Ashtray Renzo Romagnoli
    Special Price €361 Regular Price €556
  5. Lighter Renzo Romagnoli
    Special Price €185 Regular Price €284
  6. Candlestick
    Special Price €2'940 Regular Price €3'673
  7. Candlestick Fink
    Special Price €590 Regular Price €737
  8. Vase Running horses LINEA ARGENTI
    Special Price €1'073 Regular Price €1'340
  9. Music box Erkolano
    Special Price €392 Regular Price €490
  10. Tie clip
    Special Price €826 Regular Price €1'049
  11. Tie clip
    Special Price €4'905 Regular Price €6'230
  12. Pen
    Special Price €9'352 Regular Price €11'873
  13. Pen
    Special Price €9'327 Regular Price €11'846
  14. Trinket
    €61 Обычная цена €77
  15. Trinket
    €55 Обычная цена €68

Jewelry souvenirs

Very often we ask ourselves - "What to give?" on the eve of a holiday or special event. Giving gifts to loved ones is simple: you know their preferences and needs well, you know what will please them. Giving gifts to strangers is much more difficult.

How to choose Souvenirs?

Souvenirs are the ideal solution to all problems. If they are chosen with taste, they are liked by most people. They fit well into almost any interior and remind of a pleasant event - translated from French, the word souvenir means "memory".

Souvenirs, of course, primarily perform a decorative function - such as paintings, statuettes, icons and other valuable things. However, they can also be functional: exquisite vases and candlesticks of an original shape, dishes made of crystal and precious metals, table or floor clocks and other jewelry accessories are not only beautiful, memorable, but also useful things that can serve their owner for many years. and even be passed down from generation to generation.

As a souvenir, you can give jewelry or any nice little thing -  a precious key ring, tie clip, cufflinks, jewelry hairpin, necklace or medallion decorated with a precious stone. Believe me, you will be very pleased if the person to whom you give such an exquisite thing wears it not only for evening wear, but also every day. For those who smoke, you can choose a luxurious cigar case, an expensive humidor made of wood, a gold lighter or an ashtray made of crystal, wood or leather, finished with a precious metal.

Gifts and accessories for every taste

A separate category of gifts is the so-called "business souvenirs", which are usually given to business partners, clients or employees. These include expensive pens, office accessories (for example, jewelry paperweights or paper holders), desktop photo frames, organizers, necessarily made of expensive and high-quality materials, most often with gold or silver inserts. A company logo and a commemorative inscription can be applied to such a gift. At the ZARINA jewelry house, you can order such a service when buying jewelry souvenirs. Business souvenirs have a special style. Even the strictest and most respectable offices can be decorated with them. Impeccable taste and luxury are appreciated in such gifts.

You can choose souvenirs and other jewelry as a gift both in the chain of stores of the ZARINA Jewelry House operating in many cities of Ukraine, and in the corresponding section of the catalog on our website. Selling online is comfortable and convenient. In the assortment of the Jewelry House, you will find a wide selection of products at different prices.

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