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Bracelets for different tastes: tips from ZARINA stylists

A bracelet is one of the most popular pieces of jewelry that has adorned women's wrists since ancient times. Modern jewelers create many different versions of these ornaments - thin or massive, gold, silver, leather or wood, decorated with precious stones or colored enamels, etc. The undisputed leader of this jewelry hit parade is gold bracelets, but current fashion trends allow a combination of different materials and styles.

How to wear women's bracelets?

There are a few simple rules that we advise you to follow:

  1. This accessory is usually worn on the right hand (if you are right-handed) or on the left hand (if you are left-handed). A watch is usually worn on the opposite hand. But in general, you can choose the most comfortable option for you. Regarding the combination of a watch and a bracelet, it is acceptable if both accessories are made in the same style or are similar in design.
  2. Several bracelets on one hand are, of course, spectacular, but they should also be harmoniously combined in style. You should not wear several very massive bracelets at the same time - it will look bulky.
  3. We do not recommend combining gold bracelets with jewelry made of other colored metals. For example, a combination of white gold and silver is acceptable, but yellow gold and white silver is not. You should not combine an expensive bracelet with jewelry. In this way, jewelry loses its value and style. And it's not about the price.
  4. It is possible to wear this product with clothes that have long sleeves, but also with certain restrictions: for example, it will get "lost" among lace and frills, but it will look perfect with a classic sleeve.
  5. Combining a bracelet with a massive ring is not a very good idea. Each of these decorations is self-sufficient and does not need additions.

How to properly store bracelets and care for these accessories?

We advise you to remove the bracelet in the shower, in the pool, in the bathhouse or sauna, in the gym, during cleaning or other physical work. Excess moisture, chemicals and mechanical influences can cause discoloration and scratches on your product.

If the appearance of the accessory has changed, you can clean it with special alcohol-based products or seek help from specialists in one of the ZARINA boutiques.

It is better to store bracelets in special cases or boxes to prevent tangling and scratches.

So, you have decided to choose a bracelet. What to pay attention to?

Our stylists advise.


It does matter! How to determine the size of a bracelet on a woman's hand? The easiest way is to use a measuring tape. It needs to wrap around the wrist and add another 1 cm to this indicator. Please note that there are models with additional fasteners, thanks to which you can adjust the size of the jewelry.


Thin, delicate bracelets look harmonious on miniature hands. If the wrist is wide, it is better to choose large, wide jewelry.


When choosing jewelry, pay attention to where exactly and with what things you plan to wear it. If this is an accessory that you would like to wear almost every day, choose classic models with simple weaving or a smooth surface. For special occasions, for example, with an evening dress, a golden bracelet decorated with jewels with stones or enamel will fit perfectly. Bold, massive jewelry is perfect for simple, exquisitely geometric dresses and blouses. You can wear bracelets even with sports clothes - a chain made of white metal (silver or white gold) without stones will look good here.

Precious stones

You should choose jewelry with this decoration, taking into account your preferences regarding the color and style of the outfit, as well as the situation. For example, a bracelet with large and bright stones is unlikely to be suitable for the office dress code, but will perfectly match an elegant evening dress.

But the main criterion for choosing jewelry is your comfort. So, first of all, pay attention to whether you feel comfortable wearing the bracelet on your hand.

You can choose and order bracelets according to all your wishes in our online store, as well as in the network of ZARINA boutiques, which operate in many cities of Ukraine.

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