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KORALI Collection

The new KORALI collection, created by ZARINA jewelers for the Independence Day of Ukraine, is a rethinking of ancient Ukrainian traditions.

The focus here is on the modern woman who embodies the image of today's Ukraine: multifaceted, bright, strong and beautiful. It is the highest value, and jewelry is designed to emphasize this.

KORALI is a part of our cultural code, our DNA, it presents national motives that will always find a response in the Ukrainian soul.

  1. Silver earrings with amber 3С410-0024
    €45 Обычная цена €64
  2. Coral transformer necklace with a cross
    €94 Обычная цена €142
  3. Necklace for your engraving
    €78 Обычная цена €118
  4. Silver bracelet with coins
    €259 Обычная цена €393
  5. Bracelet massive with pearls
    €382 Обычная цена €580
  6. KORALI bracelet with pearls and silver coin
    €246 Обычная цена €374
  7. Necklace silver chain
    €278 Обычная цена €422
  8. Earrings KORALI silver white rhodium with corals
    €162 Обычная цена €246
  9. Silver bracelet with three coins
    €376 Обычная цена €570
  10. Earrings with coral silver white rhodium
    €94 Обычная цена €142
  11. Earrings KORALI with corals white rhodium
    €84 Обычная цена €128
  12. Minimalist Ring
    €42 Обычная цена €64
  13. Earrings KORALI white rhodium
    €159 Обычная цена €241
  14. Round coral earrings white rhodium
    €117 Обычная цена €177
  15. Earrings white rhodium with corals
    €104 Обычная цена €157
  16. Earrings with corals orange enamel
    €149 Обычная цена €226
  17. Baby pearl choker necklace
    €582 Обычная цена €884
  18. Bracelet with coral and silver chain
    €136 Обычная цена €206
  19. Silver necklace with Star coin
    €291 Обычная цена €442
  20. Pearl necklace with silver coin
    €376 Обычная цена €570
  21. Pearl necklace with a string of silver beads
    €570 Обычная цена €864

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