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LOVE & JOY Collection

Inspired by the beauty of our blue planet and the glow of millions of stars in the sky. The LOVE & JOY collection is your personal space in which only your rules apply. A cosmos of special stories, each of which sparkles in the sky with a precious scattering of pearls and diamonds, constellations of lapis and turquoise. Fill your Universe with the magic of precious radiance with the LOVE & JOY collection.

  1. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K034-1694
    €604 Обычная цена €800
  2. Каблучка з діамантами 1К034-1695
    €254 Обычная цена €336
  3. Каблучка з діамантами 1К034-1693
    €342 Обычная цена €452
  4. Necklace made of white gold 2L765-0045
    €904 Обычная цена €1'684
  5. Silver earrings 3S155-0246
    €168 Обычная цена €276
  6. Silver earrings 3S155-0245
    €178 Обычная цена €276
  7. Silver necklace 3L155-0103
    €88 Обычная цена €136
  8. Silver necklace 3L155-0105
    €90 Обычная цена €138
  9. Silver necklace 3L155-0100
    €65 Обычная цена €99
  10. Silver necklace 3L155-0084
    €86 Обычная цена €133
  11. Silver necklace 3L155-0073
    €162 Обычная цена €247
  12. Silver necklace with cubic zirkonia 3L155-0072
    €142 Обычная цена €216
  13. Necklace Dosch with pearls
    €780 Обычная цена €931
  14. Starfall diamond ring
    €1'384 Обычная цена €1'755
  15. Earrings with diamonds Starfall
    €1'816 Обычная цена €2'226
  16. Earrings with diamonds yellow gold
    €908 Обычная цена €1'120
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