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ONE LOVE Collection

A little black dress is ideal. This is love forever. It suits everyone without exception. It is always appropriate and stunningly sexy. Many designers believe that jewelry is "read" best in black, especially diamonds. There is even a saying - "basic black", a combination of black dress and diamond pussies. The famous Yves Saint Laurent once said: "In order to be beautiful, a woman needs to have a black dress and go hand in hand with the man she loves." And it must be small classic diamonds with diamonds, a must have for any woman. Ideally, if the beloved gave them.

Rings, necklaces, pendants, earrings from the One love collection, from gold with diamonds or cubic zirconia - delicate and exquisite jewelry that will fit perfectly into the same little black dress. One love. A true symbol of independence and sexuality.

  1. Сережки з білого золота 1-112 848
    Special Price €896 Regular Price €1'583
  2. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-132 326
    Special Price €14'043 Regular Price €17'260
  3. Yellow gold ring with a diamond 1-118 162
    Special Price €10'235 Regular Price €12'783
  4. Heel with diamonds and ruby
    €1'176 Обычная цена €1'670
  5. White gold ring with diamonds and rubin ZARINA
    €1'314 Обычная цена €1'902
  6. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1С034-1371
    €1'310 Обычная цена €1'839
  7. Earrings with diamonds 1С034-1370
    €944 Обычная цена €1'346
  8. Earrings with diamonds in yellow gold 1С034-1365
    €423 Обычная цена €630
  9. Earrings with diamonds in yellow gold 1-132 228
    Special Price €17'690 Regular Price €21'705
  10. Diamond ring 1-201 634
    Special Price €964 Regular Price €1'394
  11. Diamond ring 1К034-1580-2
    €1'355 Обычная цена €1'921
  12. Diamond ring 1К034-1580
    €1'272 Обычная цена €1'806
  13. Necklace with diamonds Melody in white gold
    €7'365 Обычная цена €13'973
  14. Diamond necklace in white gold Diamond
    €2'687 Обычная цена €3'747
  15. Necklace with diamond in white gold Classic
    €1'743 Обычная цена €2'468
  16. Necklace with diamond white gold
    €3'891 Обычная цена €5'381

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