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OWN STORY Collection

Our life consists of the same sentimental moments that we want to remember forever. We put these memories in a precious box - real or imaginary. We keep in mind the charming little things that symbolize a romantic relationship or a memorable event. And how our hearts tremble as we sort through these little treasures - dried flowers, old photos and postcards with tender words, the bracelet he gave you on your third date ...

The Own story collection is just for such sentimental moments. Rings, pendants, bracelets and necklaces in a minimalist design that allows you to apply personal engraving on your jewelry. It can be the name of a loved one, a quote or a philosophical statement, or just a memorable date - in short, anything that will remind you of this wonderful moment over the years. Because such memories are priceless.

  1. Yellow gold pendant 2П789-0004-2
    €374 Обычная цена €722
  2. Rose gold pendant 2П789-0005-2
    €373 Обычная цена €721
  3. White gold pendant 2-239 652
    Special Price €365 Regular Price €730
  4. Yellow gold pendant 2П789-0007-2
    €457 Обычная цена €914
  5. Rose gold pendant 2П789-0009-2
    €391 Обычная цена €782
  6. Ring With Ukraine in the heart in white gold 2K789-0001
    €575 Обычная цена €1'110
  7. Yellow gold pendant 2П789-0006
    €203 Обычная цена €378
  8. White gold pendant 2П789-0002
    €196 Обычная цена €366
  9. Rose gold pendant 2П789-0012
    €221 Обычная цена €411
  10. Rose gold pendant 2П789-0011
    €238 Обычная цена €445
  11. Rose gold pendant 2П789-0009
    €268 Обычная цена €499
  12. Yellow gold pendant 2П789-0005
    €262 Обычная цена €489
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