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WE WILL SEA Collection

There is not much sea. Summer and winter, autumn and spring - it is charming, beautiful, changeable, alluring. It restores and gives strength. It's so wonderful to breathe his fresh air. It is so wonderful to wander the shore, dipping your feet in the wet sand, and collect your small collection of treasures - mother-of-pearl shells, smooth stones. When we return home, we always try to take a piece of the sea with us, because the sea is happiness. And we know it will happen to us again.

Real mention of the sea - WE WILL SEA collection. A variety of geometric shapes, rhodium-plated silver, delicate chains and earrings, decorated with pendants with mother-of-pearl in different shades, so reminiscent of golden sea sand, the play of sunlight and sea waves. Delicate white pearls, large and heavy baroque pearls are real jewels for a fairytale sea princess… although - who knows, maybe not so fairytale.

Sea, see you! We will be together - WE WILL SEA!

  1. Earrings with pearls 2S449-0210 8.5 mm
    €440 Обычная цена €632
  2. Сережки з перлами 2С449-0210 9 мм
    €456 Обычная цена €660
  3. Necklace chain for glasses 3D291-0012
    €88 Обычная цена €134
  4. Necklace chain for glasses 3Д291-0011
    €362 Обычная цена €549
  5. chain necklace with turquoise and pearls 3D291-0008
    €258 Обычная цена €516
  6. Earrings with pearls 3С449-0493
    €45 Обычная цена €99
  7. Silver earrings 3С449-0493
    €45 Обычная цена €75
  8. Necklace in silver with pearls 3L449-0587
    €102 Обычная цена €156
  9. Necklace Rogneda agate white, onyx
    €124 Обычная цена €191
  10. Necklace with coin and rose quartz
    €93 Обычная цена €143
  11. Necklace with coin and chalcedony
    €93 Обычная цена €143
  12. Necklace Lion agate white
    €98 Обычная цена €151
  13. Lion necklace with smoky quartz
    €98 Обычная цена €151
  14. Hillary's necklace black agate and onyx
    €134 Обычная цена €205
  15. Hillary's necklace white agate and turquoise
    €134 Обычная цена €205
  16. White enamel agate bracelet
    €76 Обычная цена €115
  17. Silver necklace with baroque pearls
    €213 Обычная цена €373
  18. Silver earrings with baroque pearls
    €148 Обычная цена €277
  19. Necklace transformer Dari sea yellow rhodium
    €101 Обычная цена €178
  20. Necklace transformer 3L291-0117
    €101 Обычная цена €178
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