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Zarina Creative - If you are outrageous, you may not understand everyone, incredibly quirky and uncompromising. If you set an extremely high bar for the uniqueness and originality of accessories, and in general - anything. If you are interested, but not stereotypical and bold. If you create your own style, and for you to be perfect is to be yourself, your element is CREATIVE. Read more about yourself on the page of your element!

  1. Ring with fіanіtami 3K269ES-0008
    €36 Обычная цена €46
  2. Silver necklace enamel 3L269-0005
    €35 Обычная цена €46
  3. Silver necklace enamel 3L269-0004
    €35 Обычная цена €46
  4. Silver necklace with zirconia 3L269-0006
    €85 Обычная цена €112
  5. Necklace with zirconias 3L269-0002
    €42 Обычная цена €53
  6. Necklace with zirconias 3L269-0001
    €89 Обычная цена €112
  7. Necklace with zirconias for a silver 3L269-0003
    €41 Обычная цена €53
  8. Silver necklace 3-367 977
    Special Price €45 Regular Price €90
  9. Silver necklace 3L155-0031
    €33 Обычная цена €65
  10. Silver earrings 3С376-0189
    €73 Обычная цена €96
  11. Silver earrings 3С376-0185
    €73 Обычная цена €94
  12. Transformer earrings with fianites 3С376-0192
    €81 Обычная цена €101
  13. Cushion-cut ring with fianit 3К376-0192
    €82 Обычная цена €104
  14. Vision-cut ring with fianit Cushion 3К376-0191
    €68 Обычная цена €89
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