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  1. Ring with a diamond in yellow gold 1-118 335
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  4. Ring with topaz in white gold 2К034НП-1672
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Engagement rings

Engagement rings: useful tips for the big moment.

Engagement is an important and responsible event, a solemn moment when two people announce their intention to start a family. A sign of such a decision is the engagement ring, which the bride usually wears before the wedding, and sometimes after it, together with the engagement ring. This ring is considered a guarantee of a strong relationship.

How to choose the perfect engagement ring?

First of all, you need to navigate the variety of options offered by the modern jewelry industry. A proposal ring can be classic — thin, delicate, made of gold with a small diamond. This is the most widespread and popular option.

You can also choose a more original option - decorated with one large or several precious stones, with a "track", a cast of an unusual shape, etc. Pay attention to rings made of silver or a combination of metals with different colors - such options are also offered for engagement. When choosing, focus on the style of your bride, her wardrobe and personal preferences. Pay attention to what jewelry the girl usually wears: classic or extravagant. This will help you decide on the design. Classics, of course, will not become obsolete over time, but if your future "other half" gravitates towards more original forms, then the wedding ring should have the same style.

We also advise you to pay attention to how this decoration will be combined with the future engagement ring - they should look quite harmonious together!

What are the designs of engagement rings?

A traditional engagement ring is usually made of white, yellow, red or rose gold and is set with a diamond. Such jewelry usually has a laconic design: thin, classically restrained shape with a smooth surface. If you want more chic, choose a more massive ring with a high landing and one large or several stones, including different colors. The option with gilding is quite acceptable.

Ring size for a proposal: how not to make a mistake?

Ring size is extremely important. It is clear that this decoration will be a surprise, but it is better to find out in advance about the exact size of the rings that your bride wears on her ring finger. Otherwise, the result is not guaranteed.

Metal: gold or silver?

Gold has always been considered a symbol of wealth and status, so this choice of material will be quite logical. The decoration can be made of white, yellow, red or combined metal. A sign of good taste is also an elegant diamond that decorates it.

However, although gold is usually preferred, an engagement ring does not have to be gold. Designers create no less refined and original silver products. This white metal is versatile and suits anyone. In the assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House, you can also find rings made of silver with a gold tone. The type improves the appearance and characteristics of the decoration. It protects the metal from abrasions and small scratches, and also gives the surface of the jewelry a mirror shine. Native jewelry sparkles beautifully in the sunlight. They are resistant to oxidation and discoloration. These products look like gold, but are much cheaper - this is a great opportunity to buy a nice identification ring at a reasonable price and save a little.

Insert into the ring

It is very important to choose a harmonious combination of metal and stone. In the classic version, the proposal ring is decorated with one precious stone, usually of a small size. There are also options with one large stone and a path of small stones, or several identical stones. A massive insert always attracts attention. A scattering of small pebbles glistens playfully against the background of the precious metal. There are no clear rules or codes regarding which decoration to choose for an engagement ring. Therefore, you need to choose according to your own taste and discretion.

Here is information on the most popular stones and some simple tips to help you choose an inlay.

Diamond is the king of precious stones. It is perfectly combined with precious metal and looks exquisite, decorating a delicate female hand. A product with a diamond will match both evening and everyday clothes (you only need to pay attention to the size: a ring with a very large diamond is more of an evening option).

Sapphire is an example of nobility. Women love this stone, which is both versatile and very effective. Jewelry with such an insert will suit most women. Due to the fact that sapphire has many shades, it is perfectly combined with the elements of a woman's wardrobe.

Topaz is one of the most valuable gemstones, usually blue, cyan or even pink in color. It is hard to take your eyes off the topaz ring. At the same time, this stone is not too pretentious, and looks appropriate with any outfit.

In addition, for insertion in the ring, you can choose other stones that have many shades - from green to purple, pink, golden or yellow-hot, if this is the color that the future bride likes the most.

How much is an engagement ring?

In the ZARINA collections presented in the network of boutiques and in the online store, you will find rings priced from UAH 680 (silver 925) to UAH 520,700 (white gold 585, decorated with diamonds). But the average price of a delicate ring for a proposal (white gold, a small diamond, small rubies) ranges from 10-11 to 18-20 thousand hryvnias.

The best engagement rings in 2023

Ring Price, uah
Ring 1K309-0222 from 15 550
ZARINA white gold diamond ring from 18 770
White gold ring with diamonds from 21 040
ZARINA white gold diamond and ruby ring from 31 020
White gold ring with ZARINA diamonds from 38 070
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