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Rings with sapphires

Among all jewelry, few are as legendary and shrouded in romantic stories as a sapphire ring. Princess Diana, of course, made a huge contribution to the popularization of this jewelry with her legendary ring, which was given to her by Prince Charles. So for many, sapphire rings have become a symbol of royal luxury and elegance.

Types of sapphires

Sapphire is a type of precious corundum. It has a very wide range of colors: from white to blue. Yellow, green, and pink sapphires are found in nature. Blue stones are the most valued, they are usually considered a kind of "classic" among these precious minerals. Although it is difficult to deny the incredible beauty of the transparency of white sapphires or the exceptional tenderness of pink ones.

Among sapphires, as well as among other stones of the 1st order, there are actually legendary specimens, two of which adorn the Crown of the British Empire:

  1. The Stuart Sapphire is a stone on the front of the Crown of the British Empire.
  2. The Logan sapphire is one of the most famous faceted sapphires, weighing 422.99 carats.
  3. St. Edward's sapphire - set in the center of the cross on top of the Crown of the British Empire.

Sapphires are actually mined all over the globe, the most famous deposit being Sri Lanka. Ukraine is not considered a country of widespread sapphire mining, but corundums are found isolated in the Azov region.

Artificial sapphires are also widely used by jewelers, most often they are inlaid in silver jewelry, so choosing an exquisite silver ring with a sapphire today is not a problem even with a rather limited budget. In terms of beauty, such a stone will not be inferior to its natural counterpart, but its price will be much more affordable.

Princess Diana's sapphire ring is a legend among rings

Princess Di's world-famous engagement ring, given to her by Prince Charles for her engagement, is considered a true classic among gold sapphire rings. The central stone of the ring is a 12-carat blue sapphire surrounded by 14 transparent diamonds.

The ring is made in white gold. It is this combination of the cold brilliance of sapphires and diamonds, emphasized by the exquisite restraint of white gold, that made this ring a model of sorts among engagement rings. Today, Lady Dee's ring adorns the hand of Kate Middleton.

Among the assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House, a wide selection of gold rings with sapphires is presented, both in a classic design and in a modern, bold vision. After looking through our catalog, you will be able to choose exactly the ring you have been dreaming of. And the option to pay in installments will make the purchase more comfortable.

Symbolism and energy of sapphires

Sapphires have been highly valued since 800 BC. It is believed that this stone awakens only positive qualities in its owners: modesty, courage, lightness. Sapphire brings luck to those born in September and helps people born under the signs of Virgo or Gemini to establish friendly relationships with their environment.

It has long been believed that sapphire jewelry protects its owners from the evil eye and ward off bad luck. The stone is considered a symbol of love and often adorns engagement rings. There is a belief that green sapphires improve attention and concentration, and stones of dark shades act as powerful talismans and protect against bad thoughts.

A ring with a sapphire is an eternal classic

Today, rings with sapphires are not inferior in popularity to jewelry with diamonds, as engagement rings. The wide range of shades of this exquisite stone, presented in the ZARINA assortment, attracts with its diversity, and the possibility of purchasing jewelry on credit makes the purchase more affordable.

Rings with multi-colored inserts of sapphires, their combinations with diamonds or tsavorites are popular. No matter what design of sapphire ring you choose, this jewelry will be a great investment for the future and will never lose its relevance. In order for the ring to please you for many years, follow simple rules:

  • store rings in special jewelry boxes;
  • sapphire is a hard stone, it can damage other minerals or metals, so store rings so that they do not come into contact with other jewelry;
  • be sure to remove jewelry when washing hands or contact with cosmetics, chemicals, etc. to remove dirt - wash the rings in a weak soapy solution;
  • use a professional jewelry cleaning service regularly.

The best sapphire rings in 2022

Ring Price, uah
Ring with diamonds and sapphires ZIRKA from 22 700
Ring with blue sapphires 1K759-0376 from 24 600
Adilya ring with sapphires and diamonds in white gold from 36 360
White gold ring with diamonds and sapphires ZARINA from 61 500
Ring with sapphires 1K309-0231-4 from 13 140
Ring with sapphire 1K441-0153 from 22 860
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