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  1. Pendant with diamonds in rose gold 1П202-0078
    Pendant with diamonds in rose gold 1П202-0078
    €207 Обычная цена €262
  2. Diamond and ruby pendant in rose gold 1-245 828
    Diamond and ruby pendant in rose gold 1-245 828
    Special Price €728 Regular Price €970
  3. Cross with diamonds in white gold 1-245 868
    Cross with diamonds in white gold 1-245 868
    Special Price €1'433 Regular Price €1'911
  4. Pendant with a diamond in white gold 1П156ДК-0003
    Pendant with a diamond in white gold 1П156ДК-0003
    €69 Обычная цена €92
  5. Cross with a diamond in white gold 1П171ДК-0013
    €213 Обычная цена €284
  6. Cross with a diamond in white gold 1-209 786
    Special Price €214 Regular Price €287
  7. Cross with a diamond in white gold 1П464-0005
    €1'477 Обычная цена €1'970
  8. Cross with a diamond in white gold 1П171ДК-0023
    €134 Обычная цена €179
  9. Cross with a diamond in rose gold 1П464-0005
    €1'504 Обычная цена €2'007
  10. Cross with diamonds in white gold 1П171-0025
    €1'014 Обычная цена €1'352
  11. Cross with diamonds in white gold 1-243 527
    Special Price €1'049 Regular Price €1'399
  12. Cross pendant with diamonds in rose gold 1-242 842
    Special Price €1'027 Regular Price €1'367
  13. Cross pendant with diamonds in white gold 1-208 443
    Special Price €970 Regular Price €1'294
  14. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1P464DK-0018
    €664 Обычная цена €884

Pendants with diamonds

Diamond pendants have always been a symbol of elegance and luxury. They are expressions of refined taste, beauty and status of a person. If you are looking for the perfect accessory that will emphasize your individuality and sophistication, then a diamond pendant is an excellent choice.

In the history of jewelry art, a pendant with a diamond has always occupied a special place. Diamonds are among the most valuable and desirable stones in the world, and their use in pendants has always been considered the height of craftsmanship and taste.

What makes a diamond pendant so special? First of all, it is the unsurpassed beauty and brilliance of a diamond. Each diamond is unique, its inner world fascinates and attracts the eye. Framed in a pendant, it becomes a real treasure that can be the perfect gift for any important occasion or simply as an expression of your love and respect.

In addition to its aesthetic value, a diamond pendant is also an excellent investment. The price of diamonds only increases over the years, so purchasing such an accessory can be not only a manifestation of taste, but also a smart financial decision.

There are many options for pendants with diamonds on the market today: from classic and simple models to sophisticated and original designs. The choice of pendant depends on personal preferences, but one thing remains constant - the quality of the diamond. Its purity, color, cut shape and other parameters determine the overall appearance of the pendant and its value.

Pendants with diamonds: catalog and varieties

A diamond is not just a precious stone, but a symbol of eternity, luxury and sophistication. That is why diamond pendants are so popular among jewelry connoisseurs.

Types of pendants with diamonds:

  • Solitaires: pendants where the diamond is the central element. Such a pendant with a diamond will become the main star of any outfit.
  • Compositions: pendants where diamonds are combined with other precious stones.
  • Geometric shapes: circles, squares, triangles with diamonds. An ideal choice for modern fashionistas.
  • Abstract motifs: unusual shapes and designs that emphasize individuality.

Tips for choosing a diamond pendant:

  • Stone quality: make sure the diamond has a high degree of clarity and brilliance.
  • Design: choose a pendant that matches your style and personal preference.
  • Budget: diamond pendants come in a variety of price ranges. Choose the one that fits your budget.

Regardless of your choice, pendants with diamonds always remain in trend and emphasize the sophistication and style of their owner. They will always be relevant, immortal and desirable. Therefore, when you decide to buy a diamond pendant, pay attention to the quality and authenticity of the diamond.

Pendants with diamonds: price, order, delivery

Looking for exclusive and exquisite diamond pendants in Ukraine? ZARINA Jewelry House presents a wide range of jewelry, including pendants and pendants, decorated with the brightest diamonds. Our collection is distinguished by sophistication and quality, and the competitive price makes the purchase even more attractive.

In the assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House, you will find pendants with diamonds of various shapes and sizes. From classic round to unusual shapes - everyone will be able to find something to their taste.

We guarantee the high quality of our pendants, and the price in Ukraine remains very attractive. Every diamond that adorns our pendants is carefully selected and inspected by our experts so you can be sure of its authenticity and quality.

Ordering ZARINA diamond pendants is easy and convenient. We offer fast and safe delivery throughout Ukraine, so you can receive your order in the shortest possible time.

At ZARINA Jewelry House, we are proud of our individual approach to each client. We are always here to help you choose the perfect diamond pendant to suit your preferences and budget.

Buying a pendant with diamonds in Ukraine at the ZARINA Jewelry House, you get not only an exquisite accessory, but also a guarantee of its quality. We are confident in our products and offer our customers only the best.

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