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  1. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1-208 542
    Special Price €1'161 Regular Price €1'480
  2. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1-242 867
    Special Price €1'100 Regular Price €1'401
  3. Pendant Heart with diamonds in white gold 1P193-0371
    €316 Обычная цена €387
  4. Diamond and pearl pendant in white gold 1П039-0020
    €3'680 Обычная цена €4'528
  5. Cross with diamonds in white gold 1П071ДК-0010
    €394 Обычная цена €483
  6. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1П071ДК-0012
    €456 Обычная цена €556
  7. Cross with diamonds in white gold 1П034-0578
    €236 Обычная цена €289
  8. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1П034ДК-0608
    €341 Обычная цена €414
  9. Cross with diamonds in yellow gold 1П034ДК-0611
    €236 Обычная цена €289
  10. Cross with diamonds in yellow gold 1П034ДК-0609
    €341 Обычная цена €414
  11. Cross with diamonds in rose gold 1П034ДК-0610
    €236 Обычная цена €289

Gold pendants

Gold charms, also known as pendants, are one of the most popular and elegant pieces of jewelry that can be found in the world of jewelry. They are used to decorate the neck and complete a stylish look. Gold pendants can have different shapes, symbols and designs, which makes them unique and special for each owner.

A gold pendant for a girl is not just a decoration. They have depth, symbolism and history. These are sophisticated masterpieces that give the owner a special charm and elegance. They can become family heirlooms, hereditary treasures that will pass through a generation and retain their value and significance.

Material of gold pendants

Gold is considered one of the most valuable metals and its use in jewelry has a long history. Gold pendants for women can be made from different carats of gold such as 14K, 18K or 24K, each with its own characteristics and properties. Gold carat determines the pure gold content of the alloy. For example, 24K gold has the highest carat value and is 99.9% pure gold.

The color of gold pendants may also vary. In addition to traditional yellow gold, pendants can be made of white gold or red gold. White gold has a more modern look and is often used in modern jewelry designs. Red gold has a warmer tone and creates a romantic look.

Pendants can also have precious stone inserts such as:

  • diamonds,
  • emeralds,
  • rubies,
  • sapphires.

Diamonds are the most common stones to use in gold pendants as they are known for their sparkle, durability and exceptional beauty.

Gold pendants with pearls are widely popular among connoisseurs of this beautiful mineral - the uniqueness of each pearl emphasizes the uniqueness of the owner of the jewelry.

Gold pendants are also often decorated with semi-precious or artificial stones. This allows you to create shiny, stylish jewelry without significantly increasing its price. Therefore, you can buy a pendant with a stone even on a limited budget.

Types and forms of gold pendants

Some of the most popular forms of pendants:

  1. heart,
  2. cross,
  3. sheet,
  4. key
  5. star.

The ZARINA Jewelry House has among its assortment pendants of all these types and, of course, it is worth noting the pendants from the ZIRKA collection, which are rightfully considered iconic jewelry and always cause admiration.

Each shape has its own symbolism and can reflect the personality and style of the wearer. For example, the heart will symbolize love and passion, the cross will symbolize faith, and the leaf will symbolize nature and the plant world. The star embodies faith in the best and the willingness to follow your dreams.

Gold pendants can be decorated with different symbols and icons that have special meaning for a person. For example, these could be zodiac signs, symbols of spirituality, shields or totemic signs. Each symbol has its own history and special meaning for the owner of the pendant.

Gold medallions are a separate type of pendants, most often distinguished by their round shape. Often such a medallion can be opened or have space for personal engraving.

Gold pendant style

One of the most interesting styles of gold pendants there are are cultural and ethnic jewelry. Each culture has its own traditions and symbolism associated with jewelry. For example, Celtic pendants often have elegant geometric designs that reflect faith and symbolism. Indian pendants can have intricate inlaid designs with precious stones and patterns reflecting the richness and luxury of Byzantine culture.

Among the assortment of the ZARINA jewelry house you can find gold pendants made in the style of many cultures. The boutique shelves feature both ultra-modern jewelry and classic pendants that never lose their relevance. A gold pendant without inserts or a decoration with a stone - ZARINA has pendants for every taste.

Technologies for making gold pendants

Gold pendants can be handcrafted by jewelers who pour their inspiration and talent into creating unique masterpieces. Such handicrafts cause special delight and are considered very valuable. Often these pieces of jewelry are called “works of jewelry art” and are presented in a single copy. This may be due to both the decision of the jeweler himself and the impossibility of repeating this or that product due to the lack of, for example, similar precious stones.

Thanks to modern technology, gold pendants can have innovative designs and incorporate complex geometric shapes, sculptural elements or even integrated mechanisms. This allows you to create impressive, modern jewelry that combines classics and personality.

How to wear a gold pendant

A gold pendant is a universal decoration. But she needs a decent chain for herself. When choosing a chain for your favorite pendant, pay attention not only to its length and weave, but also to the clasp of the decoration.

A gold pendant can both emphasize the overall image of the owner and create a single accent that can completely change the impression. Thus, a pendant in an ethnic style will emphasize the love of folk motifs and add a special charm to even a basic look of jeans and a T-shirt.

Where to buy a gold pendant

If you want to give a valuable gift to a loved one or want to replenish your jewelry wardrobe and buy a gold pendant, pay attention to the jewelry catalog from ZARINA. A brand with more than 24 years of successful history in the Ukrainian jewelry market presents a wide range of gold pendants for any event.

In the world of fashion and style, gold pendants are constantly evolving, maintaining popularity among fashion trends and stylish accessories. They create the opportunity to express your personality while adding a luxurious, sophisticated touch to your look.

The ZARINA Jewelry House is a regular guest at the largest jewelry exhibitions in the world, thanks to which all the jewelry it creates is always appropriate in design and made using the latest technologies.

Gold pendants are a combination of craftsmanship, beauty and elegance. They attract attention with their brilliance and style, making their owner's style unsurpassed. Regardless of the shape, design or symbolism, gold pendants will always be the epitome of luxury and sophistication

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