ZARINA Jewelry House

A brand created over 25 years by Ukrainian women for women. With understanding, respect and boundless love. An innovative company whose main goal has always been to create more than simple jewelry - each product from ZARINA was supposed to become that special tool, the key to revealing a woman's individuality, dreams and values.

At the very beginning of its existence, ZARINA received the title of "The First Diamond Brand of Ukraine", offering its customers the first jewelry with transparent diamonds in white gold, as well as products with black and cognac diamonds. We continue the path of innovators, being the first on the Ukrainian jewelry market to offer new design and technological solutions in the manufacture of jewelry.
ZARINA is a brand with a Ukrainian soul, values and dignity. Despite everything, we will not deviate from our mission — to bring inspiration to women, to talk about important social topics, to work with faith in Ukraine and Women. And to remind millions of women every day that they are a real value.

Natalia Netovkina


A woman, mother and influential businesswoman who founded one of the most famous brands in Ukraine — ZARINA Jewelry House.

Since she was young, Mrs. Natalia dreamed of her own jewelry brand. From the stories of her mother and grandmother, she knew what a special impact jewelry can have on the lives of its owners. And she went to her goal in spite of everything — she knew that one day her jewelry brand would become known throughout Ukraine and beyond. And the created jewelry will inspire thousands of women to be strong and dare to follow their dreams. Today, more than 20 ZARINA boutiques operate in Ukraine, and the NATKINA jewelry brand is actively developing in Switzerland.

Ukrainian responsible business cannot stand aside from social problems. A woman's heart longs to embrace and protect all those in need. From the combination of these two rules of life of Ms. Netovkina, the NGO "Business Ukrainian Women" was born - an organization under her leadership that united active Ukrainian businesswomen with the aim of developing femininity and helping the needy - women, orphans and the elderly.
After the full-scale invasion of the forces of the Russian Federation into Ukraine, under the patronage of Natalya Volodymyrivna and with the support of "DUZH", the "ERA BAND CAMP" adolescent rehabilitation camp was created in Switzerland. In it, young people affected by the war had the opportunity to recover mentally and physically and acquire new knowledge. "ERA BAND CAMP" is a platform for educating a new generation of conscious Ukrainians who will continue to build a new Ukraine. After all, faith in the future, in our children, and helping each other is the main value of the Ukrainian nation.

Zarina Netovkina


Creative director and ambassador of the company, who implements a new vision in the development of the company in accordance with global jewelry trends. Zarina sets herself the goal of transforming the company into Lovemark, which will become a role model in Ukraine and on the global jewelry market.

The main symbol of the ZARINA brand is Alatyr, a sacred Ukrainian star that represents the unity of the elements through space and time. A powerful charm that has long been depicted on Easter cards and embroidery and has found its new concise embodiment in the logo of the ZARINA Jewelry House.

It is the women of the Netovkin family who are developing the ZARINA Jewelry House. Each of them brings a piece of their soul to the brand. Each of them is a source of unique creative energy that gives life to new ideas and plans. They have different personalities, styles and preferences, but together they create the same unique ZARINA symphony.

And they became sources of inspiration for each of the 5 sub-brands: