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  1. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б551-0026
    €4'133 Обычная цена €5'250
  2. Bracelet with diamonds in yellow gold 1Б034-0107
    €412 Обычная цена €524
  3. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold tennis 1-210 776
    Special Price €6'350 Regular Price €8'063
  4. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold tennis 1-210 780
    Special Price €2'406 Regular Price €3'053
  5. Bracelet with diamonds in yellow gold 1Б034-0133
    €399 Обычная цена €507
  6. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0132
    €399 Обычная цена €507
  7. Bracelet with diamonds in rose gold 1Б034-0139
    €483 Обычная цена €613
  8. Bracelet with diamonds in yellow gold 1Б034-0061
    €483 Обычная цена €613
  9. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0134
    €412 Обычная цена €524
  10. Bracelet with diamonds in rose gold 1Б034-0106
    €412 Обычная цена €524
  11. Bracelet with diamonds in rose gold 1B034-0137
    €289 Обычная цена €368
  12. Ring with diamonds in yellow gold 1B034-0135
    €289 Обычная цена €368
  13. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0136
    €289 Обычная цена €368

Diamond bracelet: luxury and sophistication in your style

A bracelet with diamonds is not just an ornament, it is a symbol of luxury and sophistication. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, or want to warm your heart with a luxurious addition to your wardrobe.

Buying a diamond bracelet is not only an exquisite accessory, but also a contribution to your sense of confidence and status. Diamonds are known for their exceptional beauty and flawlessness, which crowd out light to create a unique brilliance. Diamond bracelets are a great gift for celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries or the birth of a child.

Assortment of precious accessories

Are you looking for magical accessories that will highlight your uniqueness and add elegance to your look? Diamond bracelets are the best way to adorn your wrist and make an impression that will last forever. Our catalog of diamond bracelets offers a wide range of designs and styles to suit your most discerning tastes and recreate your unique personality.

Features of diamond bracelets:

  1. The luxury of stones: our bracelets are set with exquisitely selected diamonds of impeccable quality. Each stone tells its own unique story of perfection and brilliance that will add charm to your look.
  2. Choice of Metals: we understand that you have preferences, which is why we offer a wide range of metal colors for diamond bracelets. You can choose white gold, yellow gold or rose gold to create a harmonious set with other jewelry or to reproduce your own style.
  3. Variety of Designs: our range includes a variety of diamond bracelet designs, including classic chain, twist, twist and more. Each design is carefully crafted with attention to detail to create a unique look that highlights your uniqueness and status.
  4. Status symbol: a diamond bracelet is not only a great piece of jewelry, but also a symbol of your status and success. Wearing it on your hand is a manifestation of reliable taste and a sign of elegance. It will become an unsurpassed accent of any image and will attract the attention of others.

Bracelet with diamonds: price and delivery

One of the main issues of interest to our clients is the price of a diamond bracelet. At our Sarina Jewelry House, we offer a wide range of prices so you can find a bracelet to suit your needs and budget. The price depends on the carat of the diamonds, their clarity and the quality of the cut. We make sure you get a fair and competitive price for the value we provide.

If you are in Ukraine, you can buy a diamond bracelet directly on our website. We offer a convenient online ordering system that allows you to quickly and easily purchase your chosen bracelet. In addition, we provide delivery throughout Ukraine to make the purchase even more comfortable and enjoyable.

ZARINA is a real gem in the world of jewelry, it is not just a jewelry house, it is a place where dreams of unsurpassed beauty and elegance come true. We strive to make your experience of buying a diamond bracelet unforgettable, our jewelers and specialists are ready to provide you with professional advice and answer all your questions so that you can make the best choice.

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