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These rules determine the conditions of participation in the Loyalty Program of Jewelry House ZARINA, which operates in Ukraine throughout the network of retail and discount stores of Jewelry House ZARINA and in the online store zarina.ua.


1. Terms and definitions:
1.1. "Shop (s) ZARINA" - the entire network of retail, discount stores Jewelry House ZARINA, as well as online store zarina.ua 1.2. "Loyalty Program" / "Program" - a system of discounts when making purchases, which is provided to regular customers of ZARINA stores according to the rules provided by the Program.

1.3. "Rules of the Loyalty Program" - the rules established by the Organizer, which determine the conditions of participation in the Loyalty Program, the scope of rights and obligations of the Organizer and Participants, the amount of discounts provided to Loyalty Program Participants, conditions of the Loyalty Card. The Rules of the Loyalty Program are provided for acquaintance to each Participant by posting on the website zarina.ua and notifications in ZARINA stores.

1.4. "Participant of the Loyalty Program" / "Participant" - an individual who has reached 18 years of age and is a holder of the Loyalty Card, a consumer within the meaning of the Law of Ukraine "On Consumer Protection", who has agreed to participate in the Loyalty Program by filling and signing the Program Application Form in paper form, and has no restrictions on participation in the Loyalty Program Rules, Privacy Policy and User Agreement.

A buyer under the age of 18 must obtain the consent of a parent or other legal representative to participate in the Loyalty Program. If the parents or other legal representatives of the minor buyer do not agree with any of the terms of this Program, the buyer is obliged to refuse to participate in the Loyalty Program.

1.5. Loyalty Program Organizer is a legal entity that organized the Program and has the exclusive rights to manage and develop the Loyalty Program, as well as its authorized representatives.

1.6. "Questionnaire" - a paper registration form issued to Participants for completion at the venues of the Program (in ZARINA stores). Completing it confirms the buyer's desire to become a Member of the Loyalty Program. Completion of the Questionnaire also confirms the Participant's consent to all the Rules of the Loyalty Program and for storage, processing in any way and use by the Organizer of personal data of the Participant, which are in the Questionnaire, under the terms of this Program.

1.7. "Card" / "Loyalty Card" is a non-payment plastic card with an individual number, which is issued to the Participant after completing the Questionnaire and gives the opportunity to receive a discount when buying jewelry in ZARINA stores in accordance with the Rules of the Loyalty Program.

1.8. "Special Offer" - actions and / or promotional activities that may be used by Participants under the additional Rules of the Loyalty Program.


2. General information:

2.1. All ZARINA stores in Ukraine have a single Loyalty Program, which can be attended by any customer of the ZARINA network who has reached 18 years of age or a customer under 18 years of age, with the consent of parents or other legal representatives to participate in the Loyalty Program.

2.2. All Loyalty Cards have individual numbers and are registered in the Organizer's database for calculating individual discounts and protection against counterfeiting.

2.2.1 The Loyalty Card can be made both on physical media (plastic card) and virtual and can be used by the phone number assigned to this card or by the name and surname of the Program Participant.

2.3. Loyalty Program members receive a discount on the purchase of goods in all ZARINA stores in accordance with the Rules of the Loyalty Program.

2.4. By participating in the Program, each Participant confirms his / her acquaintance and agreement with the Rules of the Loyalty Program and gives his / her voluntary consent to the processing of his / her personal data by any means, namely inclusion in databases, including transfer, including cross-border, of his / her personal data. To the Organizer and other third parties for the purpose of systematization, their inclusion in databases, sending information of advertising and / or non-advertising nature and / or for any other purposes that do not contradict the legislation of Ukraine. By signing, the Program Participant confirms that he is aware of the rights related to personal data, and also confirms that the Organizer and other third parties are exempted from the obligation to send a written notice to the Participant about the rights, purpose of data collection and personal data. . The Participant also confirms that in the future will not make any claims to the above persons regarding the use of their personal data specified in the Questionnaire for the purpose set out above.

2.5. Discounts are provided to Participants upon presentation of the Loyalty Card to the seller before purchase.

2.6. The validity of the Loyalty Card is governed by the Rules of the Loyalty Program.

2.7. The Organizer reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to change the terms of the Loyalty Program in whole or in part

2.8. Detailed information on changes to the Loyalty Program can be obtained in any ZARINA store or on the zarina.ua website.

2.9. The Organizer reserves the right to refuse any Participant to participate in the Program at its sole discretion without any negative consequences for itself, and reserves the right to decide on all disputes related to the Loyalty Program.


3. Registration of the Participant and receipt of the Loyalty Card

3.1. To register in the Loyalty Program, the Participant must complete and accurately fill out the Questionnaire, which can be obtained at the ZARINA store, signed and handed over to the seller of the ZARINA store. This, in turn, allows you to get a Loyalty Card.

3.2. The Loyalty Card is activated after filling in all required fields of the Questionnaire within 1 working day.

3.3. Only one Card can be registered per Participant.

3.4. Loyalty Card discount is provided only after its activation.

3.5. Registration of the Loyalty Card in the general database of the Organizer allows you to receive information about news, exclusive services, discounts, special offers, promotions and prize draws from the Jewelry House ZARINA during the entire period of using the Card.


4. Rules of using the Loyalty Card

4.1. To participate in the Loyalty Program and receive discounts, you must use the Loyalty Card with each purchase.

4.2. In the absence of a Loyalty Card at the time of purchase, the Participant may register each purchase made in the ZARINA store by providing the telephone number specified in the Questionnaire or the name and surname of the Program Participant.

4.3. The card is personal and cannot be transferred to another person.

4.4. The card is the property of the Organizer and can be withdrawn by the decision of the Organizer or the administration of one of the ZARINA stores.


5. Types of Loyalty Cards and Discount System

5.1. The types of Loyalty Cards and the amount of the discount on them depend on the amount of purchases accumulated by the Participant in ZARINA stores.

5.2. Depending on the type of Card and the accumulated amount of purchases, the Participant receives discounts of 5, 10 or 12% according to the table below:


Card type Accumulated amount of purchases (UAH) Discount, %
Silver 20 000,00 -50 000,00 5
Gold 50 000,01-100 000,00 10
Diamond >100 000,00 12


5.3. The Silver Card entitles you to a 5% discount after accumulating UAH 20,000 in the Participant's account for purchases in ZARINA stores.

5.4. If the total accumulated amount of the Participant's purchases in ZARINA stores exceeds UAH 50,000, the Silver Card can be exchanged for a Gold Card.

5.5. If the total accumulated amount of the Participant's purchases exceeds UAH 100,000, the Participant may exchange his / her Gold Card for a Diamond Card.

5.6. Loyalty Card discount does not add up to other discounts and promotions in ZARINA stores.

5.7. The accumulated amount on the Member's Loyalty Card cannot be transferred to the Third Party Loyalty Card.

5.8. In case the Participant returns the purchased goods and pays for the goods purchased using the Loyalty Card, the Participant will be refunded the amount indicated in the cashier's check, and it will be deducted from the accumulated amount of purchases with subsequent change of the discount level, if necessary.

5.9. The Program Participant has the opportunity to check the amount of the accumulated amount on the Loyalty Card account by contacting the seller in the ZARINA store or by e-mail crm@zarina.ua.

5.10. In case of lack of necessary and / or other opportunities to charge the purchase amount (internet access, lack of electricity, software malfunction), it will be credited to the Loyalty Card account after the necessary conditions are restored within 1 business day.


6. Discounts for the Birthday of the Participant and his relatives

6.1. Up to 15% discount is provided for the Birthday of the Program Participant. The discount does not add up to the nominal discount of the Loyalty Card.

6.2. The term of this discount is limited to 7 days before the Birthday and 7 days after the Birthday of the Participan.


7. Privileges and participation in promotions

7.1. Within the framework of the Program, the Participant has the opportunity to receive additional discounts by participating in special offers and / or promotions offered by the Organizer of the Program under the conditions determined by the Organizer.

7.2. The rules of granting and the amount of additional discount are regulated by the Organizer in the conditions of special offers and / or actions.

7.3. Additional discounts are accrued only upon fulfillment of all conditions of special offers and / or promotions and provision of the Card prior to payment for the purchase at the box office.


8. Validity of the Loyalty Card

8.1. Loyalty Cards are valid indefinitely, but the Organizer reserves the right to terminate the Program at any time by notifying the Participants within one calendar month.


9. Additional conditions:

9.1. Loyalty Card discounts are not provided for goods that are already sold on promotions and special offers within the range of sales. However, the amount of purchases of these goods is taken into account in the total accumulative amount of the Card, unless otherwise provided by the terms of such promotions and special offers.

9.2. Loyalty Card discount does not apply:

9.2.1. If the Participant does not follow / violates the Rules of the Loyalty Program;

9.2.2. If the Participant has provided inaccurate personal data that are misleading;

9.3. The Organizer reserves the right to exclude at its discretion any goods from the Loyalty Program.

9.4. The Organizer may offer Participants additional special offers for advertising and marketing activities and events.


10. Restoration and replacement of the Loyalty Card

10.1. In case of loss (or damage) of the Loyalty Card, the Participant must promptly contact any of the ZARINA stores to restore it. To do this, you must present an identity document.

10.2. The lost Card is blocked, the accumulated amount is transferred to a new Card of a similar discount value. In case of discrepancy of the specified personal data of the Participant the Loyalty Card is not issued.

10.3. The Organizer of the Loyalty Program is not responsible for transactions with the Loyalty Card from the moment of its loss to the moment of its blocking, as well as is not responsible for unauthorized use of the Card by third parties.

Buyers of zarina.ua can become members of the Loyalty Program of the Jewelry House ZARINA by filling out the form.


11. CashBack program

11.1. By purchasing jewelry in the ZARINA boutique chain, you get CashBack in the amount of 2% of the purchase price.

11.2. UAH 1 = 1 point, points are credited to the CashBack virtual card and can be used for the next purchase.

11.3. CashBack bonuses and loyalty card discounts add up.

11.4. CashBack bonuses are valid indefinitely. With CashBack points, you can pay up to 10% of your next purchase price.

11.5. Exceptions to the conditions of accumulation and use of bonuses under the CashBack program may be other promotional offers, which prescribe additional conditions for the use of CashBack.

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