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  1. White gold ring
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  2. Ring
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  4. Yellow gold ring
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  5. White gold ring
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  6. White gold ring
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  7. Yellow gold ring
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  8. Yellow gold ring
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  9. Yellow gold ring
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  10. White gold ring
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  11. rose gold ring
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  12. White gold ring
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  13. Yellow gold flower ring
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  14. White gold ring 2К914-0118
    €110 Обычная цена €123
  15. Yellow gold ring 2К914-0119
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  16. White gold ring with zirconias 2К914-0124
    €87 Обычная цена €91
  17. White gold ring 2К914-0112
    €97 Обычная цена €109
  18. White gold ring 2К914-0116
    €95 Обычная цена €107
  19. Yellow gold ring 2К914-0080
    €136 Обычная цена €152
  20. Ring in white gold 2К914-0079
    €133 Обычная цена €149

Gold rings

They are symbols of love and the most popular jewelry. Gold rings deservedly occupy a leading position among jewelry. Remember how in childhood "rings" made of twigs or blades of grass were put on fingers - this is how the first rings were born thousands of years ago. Our ancestors decorated them with shells, bones or pebbles - this natural decoration was preferred by the first "jewelers". In today's diamond rings, it would be extremely difficult to identify their ancestors from stones or leaves.

In ancient times, jewelry was considered a men's accessory. For example, in ancient Egypt, men adorned themselves with chains, bracelets and rings. And what is important - these decorations were not chosen, but combined all at once. After all, the more jewelry a man wore, the higher his position in society. Women's jewelry appeared a few hundred years later and they liked it so much that they became much more popular than "historical" men's jewelry.

Modern fashion for gold rings

The catalog of the ZARINA Jewelry House includes thousands of ring designs. Their variety can satisfy every jewelry connoisseur. The following designs are considered the most relevant today:

  • Combination rings - this type of jewelry is designed to be combined with others. For example, it can be rings in a single design with inserts of different colors, or puzzle rings.
  • Phalanx rings - this jewelry is worn on the entire phalanx. Such rings can be silver with gold inserts, or completely made of gold. Decorated with or without stones. Such rings are quite bright, they attract attention and create a bright accent in the image.
  • Wide rings - they are narrower than the phalanges, which we talked about above. Such rings are rarely combined with other jewelry, because they look quite bright as an independent decoration.
  • Unisex rings. Jewelry is increasingly losing its connection to the gender of its owners. Today, rings are popular among both women and men. And jewelry in unisex style, often made of white gold, is widely represented in jewelry boutiques of Ukraine.

The most famous gold rings

As among people, in the world of rings there are both ordinary specimens and real "celebrities". But the first thing to note is that for every owner of the ring, its decoration will forever be special.

TOP of the most famous rings:

  1. Kate Middleton's ring (or Princess Diana's ring) is a gold ring with sapphires and diamonds, a true legend among jewelry. According to experts, today its price is more than 10 million dollars. But, of course, the owner will not part with her legendary jewelry.
  2. World's First Diamond Ring. Its price is about 70 million dollars. And there is a justification for such a price - the ring consists only of a diamond. The 150-carat diamond ring presented by brothers Meidy and Mohamed Chavesh more than ten years ago is a true legend in the jewelry world.
  3. Elizabeth Taylor ring. This 33 carat gold diamond engagement ring is the best illustration of the famous saying about "every girl's best friend". After the death of the owner, the ring was sold at auction for almost 9 million dollars. What do gold rings go with?

The first thing to remember is that only you can decide how to combine or wear jewelry. Stylists can simply give advice or shape bows for inspiration, but we will always insist that jewelry is your vision and self-expression, so don't hold yourself back!

The first thing to remember when discussing the topic of combining jewelry is that the old stereotypes about combining metals of several types have long since lost their relevance. You can combine gold with silver, and diamonds with cubic zirconia, because this is your creativity, self-expression and desire.

If creating your own jewelry composition is a real challenge for you, we have a solution for you. At ZARINA, we offer our customers jewelry that perfectly combines with each other, so you can buy them as a set and forget about the complexity of combining jewelry forever. For example, by choosing a set with a pomegranate, you will create a passionate image that will look complete and complete without other decorations.

Where to buy a gold ring

In the ZARINA Jewelry House, you can buy a gold ring for any taste. Our jewelers and stylists carefully follow the latest trends in order to offer customers only up-to-date design solutions. Among the assortment of our boutiques or online store, you can choose jewelry to your taste, and comfortable payment terms will add pleasant emotions to your purchase.

The best gold rings in 2022

Product Product price, uah
Ring with cubic zirconia in yellow gold from 2 430
White gold ring from 2 580
Yellow gold ring from 3 720
Gold ring from 5 550
Yellow gold ring with cubic zirconia from 4 460
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