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  1. Silver pin brooch 3Ф096-0007
    Silver pin brooch 3Ф096-0007
    €15 Обычная цена €19
  2. Peacock diamond brooch 1Ш037-0003
    €4'004 Обычная цена €5'005
  3. Brooch-pin with yellow gold 2-234 172
    Special Price €89 Regular Price €91
  4. Brooch Kiss
    €62 Обычная цена €96
  5. Brooch pin
    €206 Обычная цена €229
  6. Brooch
    €1'139 Обычная цена €1'225
  7. Brooch pin
    €98 Обычная цена €115
  8. Brooch
  9. Brooch
    €1'134 Обычная цена €1'220

Brooches and badges

Looking for a sophisticated and stylish piece of jewelry to highlight your personality? Consider purchasing a gorgeous brooch! Women's jewelry accessories such as brooches and pins can be an elegant addition to your wardrobe. They not only add charm to your image, but also express your personality and taste. Our brooches are made using high quality materials such as precious metals, crystals, pearls and more. They are carefully crafted to ensure durability and brilliance.

Silver brooches

Among the many pieces of jewelry that can complement your look, silver brooches stand out for their elegance and variety of designs. These little masterpieces are a great way to express your personality and style by embellishing your clothes or accessories. Regardless of your age or clothing style, silver brooches will always be a great addition to your wardrobe. 

One of the advantages of silver brooches is their versatility. They are suitable for both everyday use and special occasions, allowing you to create a sophisticated look. From classic shapes and geometric shapes to delicate floral motifs and abstract patterns, silver brooches offer a variety of options to suit different tastes and styles. 

In addition to aesthetic value, silver brooches also have practical applications. They can serve as a fastening for a scarf or scarf, decoration on a bag or hat, and also add originality to clothes.

Golden brooches

Gold brooches are a great addition to your style and allow you to express your personality. These elegant pieces are crafted using the finest quality gold, giving them a touch of sophistication and brilliance. 

The main advantages of gold brooches: 

  • Unique Style: Gold brooches are a great way to highlight your personality and style. You can choose a brooch that reflects your preferences and interests. Finishes may include stones, enamels, cutouts, etc. 
  • A great accessory for any outfit: Gold brooches go great with a variety of outfits. You can attach them to blouses, dresses, coats, scarves or bags, creating an original accent to your look. They can be used for both everyday and special occasions. 
  • Variety of designs: Gold brooches are available in different shapes and sizes. You can choose a classic brooch with an abstract or geometric pattern, or opt for an option with flowers, animals or symbols. This variety allows you to find the brooch that best expresses your style and taste. 
  • Value and Durability: Gold is a precious metal of high value and long life. Gold brooches are elegant pieces of jewelry that retain their look and brilliance for many years. They are not exposed to moisture, oxidation or other negative factors, which ensures their long-term operation.

Where to buy brooches and badges

One of the advantages of the ZARINA Jewelry House is the variety of designs and materials. We have brooches and badges made using precious metals such as gold and silver, as well as other materials such as pearls, crystals and precious stones. Whatever your personal taste or the event you are looking for, we have something special just for you. 

Jewelry House ZARINA is proud of its quality and careful approach to the manufacture of each piece of jewelry. Our pieces are created in Ukraine by master jewelers using cutting-edge technology and meticulously crafted to ensure the perfect quality of every stroke. 

Buying from us, you can be sure of getting an exclusive jewelry that will delight you for many years. In our catalog you can find a wide range of brooches and badges presented in different price ranges. We offer affordable prices so you can find the perfect piece of jewelry to suit your budget.

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