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Silver rings

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So different and loved. Silver rings are a must-have for every modern lady. The variety of their designs allows you to create many combinations and complement each image with these silver jewelry. Massive or delicate, minimalistic or bright - today's jewelry market is able to satisfy the requirements of every fashionista and offers a truly limitless space for imagination.

Silver has always been valued by jewelers for its plasticity. This metal allows you to create truly imaginative jewelry with interesting curves of the metal, using techniques that are not acceptable for gold or platinum. And although the price of the metal itself is quite low, a skilled craftsman can create a real jewelry masterpiece from silver.

Silver has long been considered a mystical metal capable of attracting positive energy. Therefore, there was a theory that if you need to cope with negative emotions or events, you should add more silver jewelry to your jewelry wardrobe.

Previously, rings were perceived as women's jewelry, but now this stereotype has been destroyed and more and more often you can find "unisex" jewelry on store shelves. So, the catalog of the ZARINA Jewelry House will be able to please you with a wide selection of unisex jewelry, including silver rings.

Silver rings. Legends and history

All types of jewelry have their own interesting history. Rings are no exception. It is believed that Prometheus himself inspired mankind for the first ring. After his release, a metal rim with a piece of rock remained on the hero's hand. Humanity, as a sign of gratitude to Prometheus for fire, began to reproduce this symbol, and so the first rings with stones appeared. Of course, this is just a beautiful story, but behind it is the high significance of these ornaments and the value they represent in the history of people. With the development of jewelry culture, rings became more common. There were even beliefs about which finger the ring is worn on, so to speak, the “language of rings”:

  • the decoration on the thumb spoke about the unrestrained personality, the unwillingness to obey other people's rules and the desire to get everything from life;
  • a ring on the index finger symbolizes a romantic person, open to sincere feelings;
  • the middle finger with a ring is a sign of an experienced person with rich life experience and a wealth of knowledge;
  • a ring on the ring finger - most often indicates the presence of a second half in the owner of the jewelry;
  • a ring on the little finger - speaks of the ability to value oneself and unwillingness to compromise.

Modern fashion for silver rings

Rings for every taste are presented among the assortment of the jewelry market of Ukraine. ZARINA jewelers closely follow the latest jewelry trends and are always ready to offer their customers both the hottest novelties and classic jewelry models. Silver is a soft metal, which allows you to create original, imaginative products with various curves and spheres from it. Silver rings with stones are also widely represented. So every connoisseur of this noble metal will be able to choose a ring to their taste, and the price of the product will be a pleasant addition to the purchase.

If there is a desire to buy a silver ring with inserts, you should pay attention to stones, which will be an appropriate addition to silver. Yes, you will rarely find silver rings with a diamond due to the high cost of the latter, but the brilliance of a cubic zirconia ring will satisfy every jewelry fashionista. Real sapphires, emeralds or rubies are also not often found in silver, but modern synthetic copies of these minerals have made it possible to present to buyers a wide range of silver rings with sapphires or other stones, the saturation of colors and brilliance of which is not inferior to real ones.

Collections of silver rings from ZARINA

Silver is an elegant and affordable material that does not lose its popularity among jewelers all over the world. It is worth taking a look at the catalog of the ZARINA Jewelry House to see the extremely wide range of silver rings. If you prefer bright rings with enamel - pay attention to the NEON collection, if you like voluminous jewelry - you will like Sphere, and if your heart beats faster from the shine and radiance of stones, your favorites will be Zasyai or NATKINA.

Choose jewelry that suits your taste, mix them and create your own jewelry vision. The availability and variety of silver rings will allow you to create a new jewelry style every day, depending on your desires or mood.

The best silver rings in 2022

Product Product price, uah
Silver ring 3K155-0273 from 2 580
Silver ring 3K155-0266 from 2 990
Silver ring with cubic zirconia 3K155-0269 from 3 900
Silver ring with cubic zirconia and artificial ruby 3K155-0283 from 3 700
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