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  1. Gold pendant 2P138-0039
    €553 Обычная цена €691
  2. Pendant Y white rhodium
    €8 Обычная цена €11
  3. Silver pendant ZARINA
    €24 Обычная цена €34
  4. Trinket
    €74 Обычная цена €105
  5. Trinket
    €74 Обычная цена €105
  6. Charm
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  7. Charm
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  8. Charm
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  9. Charm
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  10. Charm
    €20 Обычная цена €29
  11. Charm
    €19 Обычная цена €27
  12. Charm
    €6 Обычная цена €9
  13. Charm
    €10 Обычная цена €14
  14. Charm
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  15. Charm
    €11 Обычная цена €16
  16. Trinket
    €54 Обычная цена €77
  17. suspension
    €176 Обычная цена €224
  18. Cross
    Special Price €421 Regular Price €534
  19. Cross with a diamond in white gold 1-210 434
    Cross with a diamond in white gold 1-210 434
    Special Price €431 Regular Price €576
  20. Cross with a diamond in rose gold 1П377ДК-0054
    Cross with a diamond in rose gold 1П377ДК-0054
    €309 Обычная цена €412


Pendants are jewelry that is usually worn around the neck. They can be worn on a chain, lace made of leather, silk or other material, or on a special jewelry thread.

Pendants are spectacular and exquisite jewelry, which always attract attention, because they emphasize the most delicate and most seductive zone - the décolletage zone. That is why they are extremely popular. These ornaments give the opportunity to create a wide variety of combinations, depending on the image and style chosen by their owners. You can wear one pendant or several pendants at once, they can be decorated with multi-colored precious stones. Modern fashion trends allow you to combine different shapes and materials, so it all depends on how willing you are to experiment.

Types of pendants

Given the style and functionality, pendants and pendants for girls and women can differ in visual features - design, materials from which they are made, sizes, etc. Here are some of the main categories.

Decorative pendants and pendants

These decorations show the most diverse forms and stylistic directions. Chains can be long and short, wide and thin. Pendants can be oval, heart-shaped, square, or can even look like whimsical geometric shapes and designs. Asymmetry, minimalism, conciseness and expressiveness - everything is possible here. You choose.


This pendant is usually oval or round in shape. Sometimes lockets can even open and function as a small case - inside you can place a miniature memento, for example, a small photo. The outside of medallions is usually decorated with precious stones, enamels or engraving. Medallions are worn, like other pendants, on chains or laces.

Talismans and symbols of faith

Unlike other pendants on the neck, such products first of all have a spiritual meaning. Each religion has its own symbol - like, for example, the cross for Christians or the Star of David for Jews. Such jewelry is also considered a kind of talisman. They usually have an elegant and concise design, and can be decorated with precious stones. But the main thing about them is not the price, but the meanings they convey.

How to choose a chain with a pendant?

First of all, you should decide on the material from which your ideal product is made.

Silver is a universal metal: it can be worn to the office, to a meeting with friends, to a romantic date, and even to the gym. It is convenient to combine silver with both white gold and jewelry. It is worth noting that silver requires careful care: it oxidizes and tarnishes during wear. So don't forget about regular cleaning of such jewelry!

Gold loves an "equal neighborhood": products made of this noble metal dictate certain combinations that completely exclude jewelry.

When choosing a chain and pendant, do not forget the most important rule: the material from which the pendant is made must be the same as the material of the chain.

How to wear pendants? Tips from jewelry stylist ZARINA.

The chain with the pendant should look like a harmonious pair. We do not recommend wearing one bead - for example, a pearl or a small medallion on a thick chain - it will look awkward.

Laconic small pendants, medallions and delicate pendants for girls look good on a thin thread and on a chain of medium length, or even on a short one. If you want to buy a pendant for a girl, choose this option. Long pendants are perfect for open dresses and blouses with a spectacular neckline. You should choose a narrow chain for them, the length should depend on the style of the dress - or the depth of the neckline.

The trend we have already talked about above is the combination of several chains with pendants. Chains can be of different lengths and thicknesses, pendants of different shapes, made of different materials. The harmony of their combination is exclusively the result of your creativity. It looks very stylish and unique!

Where to buy pendants and necklaces?

The easiest option is in our online store. You can choose a pendant in the catalog on the website and order delivery. We will also be glad to see you in ZARINA boutiques operating in many cities of Ukraine.

Phone for inquiries: +380731190011.

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