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  1. Silver chain 3Ц096-0027
    €54 Обычная цена €67
  2. Chain in white gold 50 cm 2Ц164-0008
    €266 Обычная цена €319
  3. Chain in rose gold 55 cm 2Ц164-0019
    €279 Обычная цена €305
  4. Chain in rose gold 45 cm 2Ц164-0019
    €230 Обычная цена €252
  5. Chain in rose gold 40 cm 2Ц164-0019
    €208 Обычная цена €228
  6. Chain in rose gold 50 cm 2Ц164-0019
    €255 Обычная цена €280
  7. Chain in yellow gold 50 cm 2Ц164-0016
    €242 Обычная цена €259
  8. Chain in yellow gold 40 cm 2Ц164-0016
    €200 Обычная цена €214
  9. Chain in yellow gold 42 cm 2Ц164-0016
    €201 Обычная цена €252
  10. Chain in yellow gold 55 cm 2Ц164-0016
    €253 Обычная цена €317
  11. Chain in yellow gold 45 cm 2Ц164-0016
    €215 Обычная цена €268
  12. Chain in white gold 45 cm 2Ц164-0014
    €207 Обычная цена €258
  13. Chain in white gold 40 cm 2Ц164-0014
    €198 Обычная цена €212
  14. Chain in white gold 50 cm 2Ц164-0014
    €235 Обычная цена €294
  15. Chain in white gold 42 cm 2Ц164-0014
    €192 Обычная цена €240
  16. Chain in white gold 55 cm 2Ц164-0014
    €256 Обычная цена €320


Neck chains: how to choose and how to wear.

Neck chains are universal jewelry, functional and beautiful. They never go out of fashion. Most of them are perfectly combined with pendants and pendants. The jewelry industry offers a huge variety of chains. When choosing your perfect piece of jewelry, consider a few basic principles.

What to pay attention to?

Let's start with the length of the product.

  1. From 40 cm - this is a short chain. It is ideal for young girls and boys. It is better to wear it without a pendant.
  2. From 45 cm - the product is longer. It looks charming and romantic, it can already be combined with a pendant or a pendant, especially of an oblong shape.
  3. 50 cm is a classic. Such chains are universal and go with almost everyone. You can safely buy a product of this length as a gift - do not miss out.
  4. From 55 cm - this is quite a long chain, which is suitable for tall and large people. Such a product visually lengthens the figure and makes it more elegant.
  5. From 60 cm - a chain of this length is a real rarity. It is an excellent accessory for those who like extravagant images.

Choosing the perfect jewelry should take into account the wardrobe. Your chain should look harmonious with the chosen clothes: for example, a deep neckline requires a short or medium length of jewelry (the pendant should not fall beyond its limits). If you wear something with a closed throat or a small neckline, a long chain will suit it.

In addition to the length of the jewelry, the thickness of the chain is also important. It is usually measured in millimeters. Here are the options:

  1. Thin - 2-3 mm in width. They look very beautiful on a delicate female neck.
  2. Medium - 4-5 mm wide. Pendants and pendants are usually worn with them.
  3. Massive - chains with a width of more than 7 mm. Pendants and pendants are not worn with such jewelry - they are self-sufficient, have large links, which are very decorative.

Neck chains are also different in the type of weaving. How and with what you can wear it depends on the type of weaving, length and number of threads in the decoration. There are many options, here are the most popular:


This type is used in jewelry worn by both women and men. This weaving is very strong, and it got its name because it resembles the weaving of an anchor chain. The links of the chain are attached to each other in the same way. Such chains look solid and convincing. Anchor weaving can be double or multiple. Also, jewelers use various twisted techniques to make the product design more original and interesting.


In this version, the links are attached perpendicularly and they are located in the same plane. Such a product is convenient to wear, because it looks the same on both sides. Such chains are very strong and do not cling to the fabric of clothes, while they feel very pleasant on the skin. The main feature of this type of jewelry is their versatility: they are suitable for both men and women. This is one of the most popular types of weaving. Models with shell weaving in a wide range are presented in ZARINA jewelry boutiques. You can also buy them in our online store.


In fact, it is a machine knitting of metal threads, which is used to make chains and bracelets. This is a high-tech and modern way of making jewelry of this type. Europeans were the first to use it. It got its name because the links of such a chain resemble scales on the surface of a reptile's skin. Such chains are often worn with pendants and pendants, but they look great without them. Jewelry with this type of weaving is very popular among the young audience, as it looks non-standard and stylish.

Pearl (chains of balls)

In this type of weaving, metal beads of various sizes are used instead of links. These can be not only balls, but also square or elongated bars made of precious metal - gold, silver.

The variety of chain types gives you room for creativity: you can combine chains of different lengths and different weaves. Modern trends also allow a combination of metal jewelry of different colors. The main principle is the general harmony of such combinations.

The ZARINA online store offers a variety of neck chains. You can choose the best option in terms of design and price by studying the offers in the catalog on our website. Also, feel free to ask for help from sales consultants in ZARINA boutiques, which work in most major cities of Ukraine.

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