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  1. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1-209 772
    Ring with diamonds in white gold 1-209 772
    Special Price €711 Regular Price €946
  2. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0008
    Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0008
    €659 Обычная цена €880
  3. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K955-0103
    Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K955-0103
    €522 Обычная цена €693
  4. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1ОБ171-0009
    Ring with a diamond in white gold 1ОБ171-0009
    €345 Обычная цена €458
  5. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1ОБ171-0007
    Ring with diamonds in white gold 1ОБ171-0007
    €1'250 Обычная цена €1'666
  6. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0006
    Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0006
    €1'264 Обычная цена €1'686
  7. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1К955-0100
    €831 Обычная цена €1'107
  8. Silver ring 3K598-0003
    €87 Обычная цена €125
  9. Hoop with diamond K171:ED-COA7103_3/5-0.03
    €421 Обычная цена €564
  10. Ring with diamond
    €654 Обычная цена €872
  11. Wrap with diamond K171:ED-COA7104/1_3/5-0.0
    €659 Обычная цена €877
  12. Hoop with diamond K171:ED-COA7103_3/5-0.031
    €468 Обычная цена €625
  13. Hoop with diamond K171:ED-COA7104_3/5-0.07
    €686 Обычная цена €916
  14. White gold engagement ring with hidden diamond
    €495 Обычная цена €627

Wedding rings

A wedding ring is one of the key elements of a wedding ceremony, so its importance cannot be overstated. This is a ring that is usually worn every day, without taking it off, for many years of married life. That is why you need to choose wedding rings carefully, taking into account many important factors, first of all, design and size. Such a ring should be versatile, to be combined with any other jewelry, and should be selected in size so as not to create discomfort for its owner.

The wedding ring should fit tightly on the finger, but not prevent it from bending. ZARINA jewelers advise to pay attention to what time of day the fitting takes place: in the morning, fingers are usually a little thinner, and during the day they can swell. The situation is the same with the seasons: fingers are thinner in winter, and may increase in summer. Also note that the wedding ring can be stretched a little later if it is not decorated with stones.

So, buying wedding rings is a rather emotional matter, but it should not be impulsive. This process requires balanced, thought-out decisions.

Peculiarities of choosing wedding rings

It is ideal when a couple has the opportunity to buy wedding jewelry together, but this does not always happen. Most often, it is the future husband who undertakes the mission of choosing and turns to a sales consultant in a jewelry store to choose the best option according to the size of the finger. But the size of the wedding ring is not the only criterion that you need to take into account if you choose a product for your significant other on your own.

When choosing a wedding ring, you should find out about the preferences of your partner in advance. When getting married, you probably already know what he or she likes, what jewelry he or she wears, what style he prefers. So, pay attention to the following features:

Metal type

A wedding ring, of course, requires a precious metal. Gold is white, pink or yellow. It is also acceptable to wear a wedding ring made of high-quality silver. Modern jewelry trends allow the combination of different metals in one ring - this can also be an interesting design element, especially if the wedding ring is not decorated with precious stones.


Usually, most couples choose the classic round shape of the rings. But for those who prefer exclusive, original wedding rings, there are also options with non-standard shapes, for example, rectangular, rounded for convenience.

Additional inserts

It can be diamonds or any other precious stones (sapphires, rubies, etc.), or semi-precious stones (phianites, zirconium). But quite often, spouses prefer classic engagement rings of a laconic form made of precious metal, without stones.

Features of taste

If your partner likes cool colors, then the best choice for an engagement ring would be white gold or silver, perhaps decorated with diamonds or sapphires. If, for example, your future wife loves bright rubies, white metal is probably not an option: choose yellow or red gold. Men mostly choose wedding rings without inlays with precious stones and other inserts - the difference in design for him and for her is also a completely normal phenomenon, the most important thing is that these jewelry look harmonious in a pair.

How to combine a wedding ring and an engagement ring

Can I wear an engagement ring and a wedding ring together? Stylists of the ZARINA brand think so! Modern fashion allows you to wear several rings at once, on the same finger. So, if you wear them together, pay attention to the main rule: both rings should be in the same style and have a similar rim shape.

You can combine two narrow rims or a wide and a narrow one. If you wear two rings with a wide rim, they will look unstylish and clumsy. If one of the rings is set with a stone, such as a diamond, the other should be stone-free, or at least set with a band of the same or similar colored stone, smaller than the main stone.

There is also classic jewelry etiquette, according to which the engagement ring gives way to the engagement ring, and after marriage it is worn on the middle finger of the same right hand or on the left ring finger. This is the safest stylistic variation, especially if both jewelry have a bright design or are decorated with large stones.

The price of paired engagement rings

Perhaps the most expensive option is gold plus diamonds. Such engagement rings in the ZARINA store will cost from UAH 20,000.

If your financial capabilities are somewhat limited, you can focus on creative design - it is valued no less than diamonds! Original engagement rings made of silver or gold or a combination of precious metals will cost you UAH 8,000 or more. Also, a budget alternative to a diamond is high-quality cubic zirconia. Engagement rings with rhinestones from ZARINA cost from UAH 10,000. The simplest option made of gold or rhodium silver will cost from UAH 3,850.

The best wedding rings in 2022

Ring Price, uah
Wedding ring with diamonds in white and yellow gold 2ОБ619-0024-1 from 29 610
Wedding ring with diamond K171:ED-KOA7104/1_3/5-0.0 from 25 020
American white gold wedding ring 3 mm from 6 700
Wedding ring 2ОБ688-0024 from 10 430
Wedding ring 2ОБ071-0001-1 from 6 180
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