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Public offer agreement

1. General provisions

1.1. This User Agreement on the terms of use of information resources of the Internet resource "JEWELERY HOUSE ZARINA" (hereinafter - the Agreement) defines:

1.1.1. Rules for use by visitors and users (hereinafter - Users) of the Internet portal zarina.ua (hereinafter - the Site).

1.1.2. Terms of ordering goods.

1.1.3. Forms of payment Order and cost of Delivery Order.

1.1.4. Terms of receiving the Order.

1.1.5. Terms of use of personal data, as well as the rights of users who provided them.

1.2. The owner of the Site is FOP Kokhanov Oleksiy Anatoliyovych; (hereinafter - the Owner)

1.3. Use of the Site by the User means that the User accepts and undertakes to comply with all the following terms of the Agreement.

1.4. This Agreement, the Site may be changed in whole or in part by the Owner at any time and without any special notice. The new version of the Agreement and the content of the Site come into force from the moment of publication and changes.


2. Terms of use of the Site by Users


2.1. The site contains intellectual property objects (including copyright objects, marks for goods and services): photographs, videos, graphics, exclusive jewelry design (the type of products in the Customer's catalog that corresponds to a particular article).

2.2. Exclusive rights to use the content of the Site (including the right to select, place, organize and convert data contained on the Site, as well as the source data), except as specified in the content of materials published on the Site, belong to the Owner.

2.3. The User of the Site, who has not reached the age of 18, must obtain the consent of parents or other legal representatives to place an order for the Goods. If the parents or other legal representatives of the user of the Site do not agree with any of the terms of this Agreement, the user of the Site is obliged to refuse to use the Site.

2.4. The User has the right to copy (download, download) from the Site materials, the rights to which belong to the Owner, only for personal use.

2.5. Distribution, publication or other use of the materials of the Site is not allowed without reference to the Owner (without reference to the Site).

2.6. In case of violation of paragraphs 2.4., 2.5. of this Agreement, the User bears the responsibility provided by the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.7. The User agrees to use the Site only in accordance with the law.

2.8. The user agrees not to send messages in the form of feedback of the following nature:

2.8.1. Those that violate the legislation of Ukraine contain threats and insults that violate public order and are obscene.

2.8.2. Violating to some extent the honor and dignity, rights and interests of others protected by law.

2.8.3. Contribute to or contain calls for incitement to religious, racial or ethnic hatred, include attempts to incite hostility or calls for violence, as well as other reports and materials that in any way violate the provisions of Ukrainian law.

2.9. The User agrees that he is solely and solely responsible for violating the terms of this Agreement. The User undertakes to indemnify for any damage resulting from such violations.

2.10. From the moment the User violates the requirements of this Agreement, all orders for the Goods are considered canceled.

2.11. The User who uses the information resources of the Site is the one who has read and accepted the terms of this Agreement.


3. Terms of ordering goods


3.1. The goods posted on the site are an invitation to enter into a contract of sale of goods. All its essential conditions, including prices, are subject to additional agreement between the parties.

3.2. When placing an Order for Goods, the User fully agrees with the following conditions:

3.2.1. The sample of the ordered Goods is recognized as its design (the image of the goods in the catalog of the Owner, corresponding to a certain article).

3.2.2. The customer guarantees compliance of the appearance of the ordered products with their samples in the catalog. The weight of the product, the weight and size of the inserts in the product may differ slightly from the owner specified in the catalog, due to the peculiarities of the technological process of manufacturing jewelry.

3.2.3. The executor guarantees conformity of quality of the products to the standards of Ukraine applied to jewelry (DSTU3527-97).

3.3. The User selects products from the Owner's catalog, places an order by filling out an order form, and sends the order to the Customer.

3.4. The date of registration of the Order is the date of filling in the User of the electronic form of the Order for the Goods.

3.5. To place an Order, the User must:

3.5.1. Open the link of the online store of the Site under the name zarina.ua/ua;

3.5.2. Independently, at your own discretion, from the list of Goods displayed in the catalog of the Site, by clicking on the appropriate link to select the Goods to be ordered.

3.5.3. The order is formed from all units of the Goods selected by the User.

3.6. Order of Goods consists of: names of selected products, their articles, prices, forms of payment, method of delivery, date of order, information about the User (name, contact phone number, e-mail address, address).

From the specified information the User fills in the form of payment, method of delivery, information about the User. Other data is generated automatically when you add the product to the "Cart". The appropriate form for ordering is available after selecting the product at the link zarina.ua/ua/checkout/cart/.

3.7. The user undertakes to correctly and completely indicate in the order the contact telephone number (including the city code, if required), as well as the exact delivery address (if delivery by courier is provided).

3.8. The Customer undertakes to fulfill all agreements reached as a result of negotiations with the User on the execution and delivery of the order (price, term, procedure and form of payment).

3.9. In the telephone or e-mail mode, the representative of the Owner and the User agree on all the essential terms of purchase of the Goods, agree on the method of delivery and the date of receipt of the order. Based on the results of such agreement, the Owner's representative confirms or cancels the Order and announces the date of purchase of the ordered Goods.

3.10. The User has the right to cancel the Order until the confirmation and clarification of the order with a representative of the Owner.

3.11. The fact of registration and confirmation of the Order indicates that the User is fully acquainted with the Goods included in the Order, its quality characteristics, purchase order and form of payment.

3.12. On the day of purchase of the ordered Goods, the User (representative on the basis of an oral order) must:

3.12.1. Arrive or wait for the Customer's representative at the address agreed with the Customer at a certain time;

3.12.2. Report order number;

3.12.3. Make a purchase of the ordered Goods and pay for the Order, if payment was not made before delivery by cashless delivery.

3.12.4. The integrity of the product and packaging is checked during the acceptance of the order. The fact of receipt of the order is fixed by the signature of the Customer in the consignment note of the courier service, if the order was delivered to the address of the User.

3.13. The User undertakes to pay the full cost of the Order upon its purchase.

3.14. The choice of the form of payment is made when filling in the electronic form of the Order.

3.15. In case of inability of the User for any reason to arrive on the specified day to purchase the Goods, the User has the right to notify by phone or write an e-mail (zarina-help@zarina.ua) to the Customer's representative to cancel the order or postpone delivery to the agreed with the Customer's representative time and address.

3.16. The order is considered canceled in case of non-appearance of the User (representative on the basis of an oral power of attorney) at the specified address at a specified time without notice to the Owner, Customer or Customer's representative.

3.17. If the User finds that the data provided by him when placing an Order contains an error, the User must immediately notify the Owner at least one day before the date of receipt of the Goods.

3.18. In case of force majeure, the Owner and the User are released from liability for non-compliance with the terms of this Agreement. Force majeure means events of an extraordinary, irreversible, unforeseeable nature that preclude or objectively impede the implementation of this Agreement.


4. Forms of payment Order and cost of Delivery Order


4.1. Orders can be paid by cashless or cash payment:

4.1.1. Cashless payment can be made online on the Site page, using a special form of payment, or during self-pickup in the store of Jewelry House ZARINA through the payment terminal at the checkout.

4.1.2. Cash payment is made during the delivery of the Order by courier to the specified address or during self-pickup in the shop of the Jewelry House ZARINA.

4.2. The cost of delivery in Ukraine is 100 UAH. for goods with a total value of up to UAH 2,000. Orders worth more than UAH 2,000. delivered free of charge.

4.3. Delivery across Kiev costs 50 UAH. for orders totaling up to UAH 2,000, for goods over UAH 2,000. delivery is free.


5. Terms of receipt of the Goods


5.1. The goods are delivered by courier to the following address:

5.1.1. Delivery of the goods to the specified address across Ukraine is carried out at the Order cost no more than 50 000 thousand UAH.

5.1.2. Orders totaling more than UAH 50,000 thousand. is picked up by self-pickup from the nearest ZARINA store in your city.

5.2. Self-pickup of the ordered goods for any amount can be picked up only in Kiev in stores at:

5.2.1. Jewelry House ZARINA, Blvd. Shevchenko, 2;

5.2.2. Jewelry House ZARINA, street Berkovetskaya, 6D, Lavina Mall

5.2.3 Jewelry House ZARINA, st. Gnata Hotkevicha, 1B, TRK "Prospekt"

5.2.4 ZARINA Jewelry House, 23 S. Bandera Ave., Gorodok Gallery Shopping Center, Jewelry Quarter

5.2.5 ZARINA Jewelry House, Independence Square, Globus Shopping Center, 1st line

5.3. Delivery time Order:

5.3.1. Delivery across Ukraine is carried out within 3 working days.

5.3.2. Delivery across Kiev in the presence of goods in a warehouse or in the nearest shop is carried out within 1 working day, in the absence of goods in a warehouse - from 1 to 3 working days.

5.3.3. The increase in the term of receiving the Order is agreed between the Owner and the User individually.


6. Terms of use of personal data


6.1. By providing his personal data, the User gives consent and permission for the use, processing and transfer of his personal data exclusively within the Law of Ukraine "On Personal Data Protection" of 01.06.2010. № 2297-VI to confirm the authority and fulfill the terms of the contract.

6.2. The purpose of collecting personal data is to support further communication with users.

6.3. By providing his personal data, the User gives his consent to receive information (mailings) from the Owner by e-mail or SMS.


7. Final provisions


7.1. The Owner does not guarantee the absolute uninterrupted or error-free operation of the Site and undertakes to take measures to prevent this and eliminate problems.

7.2. The Owner shall not be liable for delays, interruptions, losses due to defects in any electronic or mechanical equipment not owned by the Owner, for data transmission or connection problems that are not the fault of the Owner, for the quality of communication channels. public communications through which access to the Site is provided, as well as in case of blocking access to the Site as a result of actions of third parties.

7.3. Jewelry of proper quality of precious metals, with inserts of precious, semiprecious and synthetic stones are not subject to return and exchange, according to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of March 19, 1994 N 172.

7.4. Gift certificates of any denomination are non-refundable. Gift certificates also have a shelf life of 1 year from the date of purchase. In case of loss of the gift certificate it is necessary to contact urgently through the feedback form or by phone + 38-073-11-900-11.

7.5. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to establish between the User and the Owner an agency relationship, a joint venture relationship and any other paid relationship not expressly provided for in this Agreement.

7.6. For suggestions and complaints, please use the feedback form (https://zarina.ua/ua/contact/).

7.7. The owner is not responsible in case of providing contact information by the User on other Internet resources and in stores.

7.8. By agreeing to the terms of the Agreement, the User confirms that they are clear and acceptable. The fact of consent and confirmation is the registration of an application for the purchase of jewelry on the site zarina.ua.

Online store mode:

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