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  1. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1К377ДК-0016
    Ring with diamonds in white gold 1К377ДК-0016
    €1'125 Обычная цена €1'499
  2. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1-209 772
    Special Price €711 Regular Price €946
  3. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0008
    €659 Обычная цена €880
  4. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1ОБ171-0007
    €1'250 Обычная цена €1'666
  5. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1ОБ171-0006
    €1'264 Обычная цена €1'686
  6. Diamond and emerald ring in white gold 1-196 752
    Special Price €483 Regular Price €613
  7. Ring with diamonds and sapphires in white gold 1-155 950
    Special Price €860 Regular Price €1'093
  8. Ring with sapphire and diamonds in white gold 1-208 584
    Special Price €1'009 Regular Price €1'345
  9. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1К955-0100
    €831 Обычная цена €1'107
  10. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K034-1646-2
    €1'350 Обычная цена €1'713
  11. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1K034DK-1724
    €1'350 Обычная цена €1'713
  12. Ring with diamonds in yellow gold 1K034DK-1725
    €1'350 Обычная цена €1'713
  13. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K551-0593
    €2'577 Обычная цена €3'518
  14. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K551-0585
    €1'205 Обычная цена €1'531

A ring with a track

Ring track is a refined and elegant choice for modern women who want to emphasize their style and individuality. The beauty and uniqueness of such an accessory make it not only a great gift, but also a great addition to any look.

A ring with a track is made of various materials, including gold, silver, and platinum. It can be decorated with various stones, for example, diamonds, rubies, sapphires or enameled details that create a unique design and image.

Each track ring is a creation of sophistication and style. The special design of the ring helps to express the personality and uniqueness of its owner. It is not surprising that such rings are popular among women of all ages.

It is important to choose a ring with a track that is ideal for individual parameters and wishes. Thanks to a large selection of models, every woman can find the perfect option for herself. You can choose a ring with a thin and delicate track or, on the contrary, with a massive and bright one.

When you choose a ring, it is important to pay attention to the quality of materials and workmanship. Quality rings will delight you for many years, emphasizing your refined taste and style. They are a real decoration that adds charm and elegance to any look.

A ring with a track: the presence of an insert

A ring with a track always looks refined and elegant. This unique design creates a unique look, especially when the ring has an inlay that emphasizes its beauty.

A ring with a track combines classics and modern trends. The insert can be of different types:

  • Diamond
  • Sapphire
  • Ruby
  • Enamel

Products can be made of different materials. The most popular of them are:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Platinum

The presence of an insert in the ring with a track makes the jewelry even more attractive. The insert adds exclusivity to the product and also emphasizes the individuality of the owner.

When choosing a ring, consider the following nuances:

Type of insert: the best option depends on personal preference.

Size and shape: a variety of shapes and sizes allows you to find the perfect option.

Budget: The cost of the ring may vary, depending on the material and insert.

A ring with a track and insert is a symbol of elegance and sophistication. It can be an ideal gift or self-expression. Be careful when choosing a product, and you will find something that best reflects your style and personality.

Ring with a track: price, order, delivery

ZARINA Jewelry House offers a wide selection of jewelry for every taste. Today we will look at a ring with a track, where price and terms of order and delivery are key aspects for customers from Ukraine.

A ring with a track is an elegant and stylish accessory that can emphasize your refined taste and individuality. Crafted from high-quality materials and embellished with sophisticated details, this product from ZАРINA is the perfect choice for those who want to look their best.

The price of a ring with a track in Ukraine can vary depending on the material, size and design, but at ZARINA Jewelry House we try to offer competitive prices and favorable conditions for our customers.

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