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  1. Earrings with pearls 2С449-0206 8 mm
    €233 Обычная цена €296
  2. Earrings with pearls 2С449-0210 8.5 mm
    €274 Обычная цена €343
  3. Earrings with diamonds and pearls 1-187 558
    Special Price €1'591 Regular Price €2'448
  4. Earrings with diamonds and pearls 1-008 966
    Special Price €4'609 Regular Price €7'090
  5. Earrings
    €4'997 Обычная цена €7'688
  6. Earrings
    €1'860 Обычная цена €2'359
  7. Earrings
    €2'921 Обычная цена €4'493
  8. Earrings
    €4'964 Обычная цена €7'637
  9. Earrings
    €6'005 Обычная цена €7'627
  10. Earrings
    €1'534 Обычная цена €2'359
  11. Earrings
    €566 Обычная цена €718
  12. Earrings with diamonds and pearls in white gold 1-204 388
    Special Price €2'134 Regular Price €2'844
  13. Earrings with turquoise, lapis lazuli and pearls
    €669 Обычная цена €848
  14. Earrings in white gold with pearls and lapis lazuli
    €447 Обычная цена €559
  15. Earrings with diamonds and pearls in white gold 1-210 874
    Special Price €4'339 Regular Price €5'784

Earrings with pearls

Unique creations of nature, unique minerals that have long symbolized female strength and energy. Pearls are a compliment to a woman's uniqueness, and pearl earrings or a string of pearls are a forever classic and beloved piece of jewelry that will remain relevant at all times. Pearl jewelry is as classic as the little black dress and should be present in every basic jewelry wardrobe.

Pearls are formed in the shells of molluscs when dust or sand gets there. They are the reaction of a living organism to a stimulus. Their value lies precisely in the uniqueness of each individual pearl. Separately, it is worth talking about "baroque" or baroque pearls.

Such pearls differ from other pearls we are used to by their fantasy shape: you can find pearls in the shape of drops, flat or curved specimens. In such pearls, their uniqueness is especially emphasized, which makes earrings with baroque pearls truly unique jewelry.

The price of such jewelry may be a little higher than ordinary pearls, but the uniqueness of the jewelry makes up for it in an instant.

If you don't have these wonderful creations of nature in your box yet, now is the time to buy pearl earrings. They will be appropriate for any image and will create a sophisticated accent, emphasizing the style and mood of its owner.

What pearl earrings to choose

The modern jewelry market of Ukraine is full of a wide range of jewelry with pearls. Classic and modern design, combinations of metals, scattering of pearls, their combination with precious or semi-precious stones, or a single accented pearl - you can always choose jewelry that best suits the occasion and your image.

A wide selection of earrings with pearls is presented among the jewelry assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House. If you are looking for silver jewelry, pay attention to jewelry from the Vintage collection.

This collection features jewelry in an ever-present design that will delight all connoisseurs of timeless classics. If you are interested in gold earrings with pearls, pay attention to the MELANKA collection, in the products of which ZARINA masters embodied the magic of winter holidays.

Types of earrings with pearls

The most popular types of earrings with pearls today are:

  • English castle;
  • Puset;
  • European castle;
  • Staple.

When choosing the type of earrings, pay attention to the occasion on which you plan to wear them: for every day, it is better to choose an English or European lock. And ponchos or braces will suit a special occasion.

When choosing a place to buy pearl earrings, focus on the experience and reputation of the manufacturer. It is important for the brand to establish itself on the Ukrainian market and to be concerned about both its reputation and the positive emotions of its customers.

ZARINA Jewelry House is a company with many years of successful history, a flexible system of discounts and a wide assortment. We love and respect each client and always make sure that you remember that you are the greatest value.

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