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  1. Pendant with diamonds in white gold 1-170 918
    Special Price €2'394 Regular Price €3'192
  2. Cross with a ruby in white gold 1P034DK-0598
    €140 Обычная цена €176
  3. White gold pendant with diamond and ruby
    €686 Обычная цена €872
  4. Pendant
    €80 Обычная цена €88
  5. Cross with diamonds and emeralds in white gold 1P759-0215
    €1'502 Обычная цена €1'909
  6. suspension
    €1'198 Обычная цена €1'521
  7. Cross with diamonds and sapphires in white gold 1P759-0212
    €1'169 Обычная цена €1'485
  8. Cross with sapphires
    €593 Обычная цена €789
  9. Hanging with an amethyst heart
    €348 Обычная цена €441
  10. suspension
    €2'448 Обычная цена €3'109
  11. suspension
    €2'207 Обычная цена €2'800
  12. Pendant with diamonds and tourmaline in white gold 1-016 375
    Special Price €1'759 Regular Price €2'232
  13. Pendant with diamonds and tourmaline in white gold 1-018 619
    Special Price €4'498 Regular Price €5'711
  14. Pendant with diamonds and tourmaline in white gold
    Special Price €2'315 Regular Price €2'940
  15. suspension
    €1'759 Обычная цена €2'232
  16. suspension
    €5'103 Обычная цена €6'483

White gold pendants

The modern world of fashion is constantly changing, but some timeless accessories always remain at the peak of popularity. White gold pendants have long been a symbol of sophistication and status. Connoisseurs of truly high-quality and stylish jewelry always pay attention to such details.

White gold is an alloy of gold and certain metals, in particular palladium, nickel or platinum, which gives it its characteristic silvery hue. A pendant made of white gold will be an ideal choice for those who are looking for an unrivaled combination of tradition and fashion trends.

White gold: alloy features

White gold is one of the most chosen materials for jewelry. Its special color, strength and noble appearance won the hearts of many jewelry lovers. And do you know what this alloy consists of and how it differs from others?

Composition of white gold:

  • gold;
  • palladium or nickel (most often);
  • copper or zinc.

Advantages of white gold:

  • high resistance to corrosion;
  • great strength;
  • absence of allergic reactions (especially for nickel-free alloys).

When you decide to choose a pendant made of white gold or any other piece of jewelry, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Alloy quality: not all white gold products are created equal. It is important to choose products from reliable manufacturers.
  • Design: white gold pendant styles can range from simple shapes to intricate patterns.
  • Price: the price of the product may reflect the quality of the gold and other precious stones included in its composition.

White gold pendant

The modern world of jewelry impresses with its variety and uniqueness. However, among all these products, the white gold pendant stands out. Why is it so popular and what are its advantages?

  • Elegance and style. White gold is known for its unparalleled beauty. Its pale silver color adds elegance and sophistication to the pendant.
  • Versatility. The pendant is perfect for any style of clothing, from delicate dresses to strict suits.
  • Durability. White gold is not only a beautiful material, but also very durable, which guarantees a long service life of your jewelry.

White gold gold pendants: order and delivery

Gold pendants made of white gold have long won the hearts of millions of women around the world. But where is the best place to order jewelry in Ukraine if you are looking for the perfect combination of price and quality? The answer is simple - ZARINA Jewelry House.

Ordering white gold pendants at ZARINA Jewelry House is always a pleasant and convenient process. Our team of professionals is ready to help you at every stage of choosing your dream. A wide range of models, from classic to modern, makes it possible to find something special for everyone.

Regarding the price of white gold pendants in Ukraine, ZARINA Jewelry House is proud of its policy of transparency. We offer competitive prices without sacrificing product quality. And these are not just words, but our mission.

And if you are wondering about delivery, we are happy to inform you: we provide fast and safe delivery throughout Ukraine. Order jewelry with the comfort of knowing that your order will reach you in excellent condition.

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