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Variety of rings made of silver, white, yellow and rose gold with precious stones and diamonds



Rings are one of the most popular pieces of jewelry among both women and men. Nowadays, these accessories primarily have a decorative function, but they also indicate the status and sense of style and taste of their owner. Wedding rings and engagement rings are given a special meaning: in addition to everything mentioned above, they announce that their owners have a family or intend to create one in the near future.

ZARINA fans are very different, each of them has their own preferences. That is why we created 5 sub-brands, each of which carries certain visual and conceptual messages.

ZARINA sub-brands and jewelry styles

  • ZARINA YOU is bright jewelry for a young audience. Here you will find original rings that will satisfy your desire for constant change and self-discovery.
  • ZARINA STORY is sentimental jewelry for romantic and sensual natures. The collections of this sub-brand feature rings with baroque pearls and other vintage elements.
  • ZARINA CREATIVE is bold jewelry for a creative audience. Massive geometric shapes, manufacturability, non-standard design are key features of rings from these collections.
  • ZARINA JEWEL is exquisite jewelry that emphasizes the exceptional status of its owner and will never go out of fashion. Here you will find elegant, discreet and precious rings
  • ZARINA FINE is "the ultimate acrobatics", real works of jewelry art, some of them are absolutely unique and exist in a single copy. Rings from ZARINA Fine are created for women who, even after reaching certain heights, do not stop self-improvement.

Buying jewelry is a delicate matter that requires a special approach. That is why the ZARINA online store offers its customers a detailed catalog with high-quality photos and descriptions. You can choose rings made of precious metals - gold of various shades, from white to pink, as well as high-quality silver. Designers of the brand develop rings of various shapes, with inserts of precious stones. In the boutiques of the ZARINA Jewelry House, you can also use the service of a stylist who will help you choose the perfect ring and other jewelry

What determines the price of a ring

As for other jewelry - from the complexity and uniqueness of the design and technologies, the cost and quality of the material, the size, quality and cost of the stones with which it is decorated. Price is an important factor in choosing a ring, but it is not the only one. Our stylists will be happy to help you choose the best options, taking into account all factors.<

What is the best way to wear rings?

If you decide to make your choice yourself, here are some useful tips from ZARINA stylists.

  1. For a long time, it was considered bad style to wear rings with large precious stones during the day - such jewelry was positioned as exclusively evening, for special occasions. Now preferences have changed: massive, bright rings decorated with colored stones are a powerful trend. Choose the colors you like, feel free to mix shades and shapes.
  2. By the way, about forms. Modern technologies make it possible to create jewelry of ideal and original forms. The design of the ring can be simple and elegant, but it can also be quite complex and noticeable - it all depends on your personal preferences and situation.
  3. Simple rings are usually wedding rings and engagement rings. They have a noble and concise design, they can be decorated with precious stones - most often they are diamonds. A wedding ring and an engagement ring can be worn together (this combination should be taken into account when choosing such products). Complex rings can be decorated with decorative original overlays, inserts using precious stones, rhodage, colored enamels, etc.
  4. There are rings for all fingers. But we advise you not to wear rings on more than 3 fingers at once! If you wear several of them on one finger, it will be better if they are not too massive. Advice for elegant women: if you have a bright manicure, it is better to choose a ring with a small and neutral stone, or even without it.
  5. Brave and self-confident people can experiment - in this case, it is desirable that the color of the stone or decoration harmoniously combines or contrasts interestingly with the color of the manicure. This is real creativity!

The best rings in 2022

Ring Price, UAH
White gold ring with ZARINA diamonds from 2 120
Ring with diamonds in white gold 1-114 961 from 43 830
Silver ring 3K269-0007 from 1 330
Ring in white gold with cubic zirconia 2K765-0155 from 5 170
Ring with diamonds and green quartz 1-123 923 from 35 010
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