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Gold earrings

Very often, gold earrings are the first decoration in a woman's life. These first pieces of jewelry open the door to the exquisite world of jewelry for a girl. They will inspire her in the future for new stylish combinations and experiments, and to create her own precious selection, capable of telling the world a new story full of radiance and beauty.

Earring clasps

The first thing to decide upon when deciding to buy gold earrings is to choose the form factor of the jewelry, and specifically, the clasp in them. Not only the safety of their use, but also comfort will depend on this. Not every fastener will be convenient for everyday use, and this should be taken into account. Modern earrings have the following types of fasteners:

  • Pusets are famous stud earrings. A pin is inserted into the eyelet, which is fixed on the other side with a fastener. It, in turn, can twist or be fixed.
  • The Italian lock is popular among European brands. This lock is similar to a clip but has a pin that goes into the ear piercing.
  • The English lock is one of the most reliable ways to fix earrings in the ear. It consists of a hook and a loop that covers the earlobe. This lock is very convenient and is often chosen for everyday jewelry.
  • Cuffs are fashionable modern earrings, most often cuffs are sold one by one and are, in fact, mono-earrings. The cuff can be fixed on the ear without piercing, simply clamping in the
  • right place. These earrings have original decorations and are widely popular among supporters of modern fashion.
  • The most popular types of fasteners are listed above. There are many other form factors of earrings. And all of them are widely represented in the windows and in the ZARINA catalog.

    Gold earrings are an elegant and versatile gift

    Jewelry is one of the most popular gifts. But when giving a ring or bracelet, you need to be sure of the accuracy of the chosen size of the product, because choosing too big or too small jewelry can spoil the whole impression of the gift. Earrings are a universal gift, they do not have a size, so gold balls deservedly occupy a leading position among jewelry-gifts for the holidays.

    Diamond earrings are the most popular among the assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House, and this is not surprising, because for more than 20 years ZARINA has held the title of the First Diamond Brand of Ukraine. But the price of gold earrings with diamond earrings can be too high and therefore you should not limit your search to this mineral only. Gold earrings with the following inserts are also popular among ZARINA customers:

    1. Sapphires - the variety of colors of these precious minerals creates an exquisite color symphony of shades and radiance that can enchant forever.
    2. Emeralds - the cold green glow of these stones cannot be confused with any other.
    3. Rubies are passionate and characteristic stones for ardent hearts.
    4. The jewelry market of Ukraine offers earrings in various shades of gold. And each of them will play and create a worthy composition with the selected stone.

    If the price of earrings with natural stones is too high, the jewelry industry offers a wide range of artificial stones and cubic zirconias, which are guaranteed to delight with their brilliance for many years.

    Where to buy gold earrings

    Choosing the ZARINA Jewelry House as a place to purchase your dream pair of earrings, you are guaranteed to receive a product that skillfully combines an innovative approach to production and following European jewelry traditions. Each piece of jewelry from ZARINA is not just a jewel, it is a tiny source of power, your secret tool for revealing your own value.

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