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  1. Ring with onyx in white gold 2К034НП-1686
    €209 Обычная цена €262
  2. Ring with turquoise in white gold 2К034НП-1685
    €229 Обычная цена €287
  3. Ring with diamonds in rose gold 1K034-1661
    €172 Обычная цена €178
  4. Ring with malachite 2К034НП-1660
    €86 Обычная цена €107
  5. ring with pearls 2К034НП-1677
    €83 Обычная цена €104
  6. ring with pearls 2К034НП-1687
    €83 Обычная цена €104
  7. Ring with turquoise 2К034НП-1660
    €221 Обычная цена €267
  8. Ring with amethysts 2К034НП-1661
    €92 Обычная цена €110
  9. ring with citrines 2К034НП-1660
    €86 Обычная цена €104
  10. Yellow gold ring with diamonds 1К034-1724
    €172 Обычная цена €178
  11. White gold ring with pearls 2K034NP-1662
    €181 Обычная цена €219
  12. Liya's diamond ring
    €225 Обычная цена €278
  13. Rose gold ring with diamonds ZARINA
    €182 Обычная цена €260

One size rings

When it comes to jewelry, especially rings, comfort and versatility are key. And One size rings here have no equal. What makes this type of ring so special? Let's look at their main advantages.

  • Versatility. Don't know your ring size or are you afraid that the fit may be inaccurate? One size rings solve this problem. They suit most people due to their unique adjustability.
  • Accessibility. No need to search for a specific size or wait for it to go on sale.
  • A perfect gift. When you are not sure about the sizes, One size rings are a great option for a gift.
  • Ease of use. Users do not need to worry about resizing if they choose to wear the ring on a different finger.
  • Fashionable design. Often, these rings have a modern and stylish look, so they don't look like regular adjustable rings.

One size rings are a real discovery for those who value comfort, versatility and style. They help save time searching for the right size and make life a little easier. Regardless of whether you are looking for jewelry for yourself or as a gift, One size rings will always be an excellent choice.

One size rings: price, order, delivery

When buying a ring, the problem of choosing the right size often arises. But with the "One size" collection from ZARINA, this problem disappears by itself. You will receive an elegant accessory that will always suit you.

Turning to the issue of price, in Ukraine we strive to make our jewelry affordable for everyone. We guarantee that "One size" rings from ZARINA are offered at a competitive price on the Ukrainian market.

Ordering a "One size" ring is simple and convenient. All you need to do is select the desired design on our website, add it to the cart and place your order. Our team will be happy to help you with any questions you may have during your order.

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