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Choosing earrings: advice from ZARINA experts and jewelry stylists.

Earrings are a familiar and traditional decoration, but there is such a variety of styles and varieties of these products that they should be devoted to a whole article. Of course, every woman knows that simple and laconic earrings are an indispensable accessory that will go with almost any outfit. But the modern jewelry industry offers such a huge selection of jewelry that it requires a special approach: it's small poucets for a business look, voluminous rings for a romantic style, or long and exquisite designer tassels for an evening outfit. Earrings should be an integral part of the stylistic ensemble chosen by their owner, even if it is a bold, contrasting accent.

Earrings vary in style, design, price, etc.

What are the varieties?

  1. Pusets, or "studs" are miniature, button-like earrings that are attached to the earlobe.
  2. Droplets - hang from the lobe, a hook is most often used for fastening.
  3. Rings are large earrings in the shape of a circle or ring, which are closed on the lobe of the ear.
  4. Candelabras are massive, tiered and long earrings that move with your body movements.
  5. Pendants are balls consisting of a small "star" in front and a long pendant, which has a more complex shape and is located behind, behind the lobe of the ear.
  6. Cuffs are jewelry that resemble bracelets in shape, they are worn a little above the earlobe, fixed on the ear cartilage. How to choose earrings for different hairstyles?

Here are the main principles.

Massive pendants

Such decorations should be visible: we advise you to pick up your hair in a high hairstyle in such a way that they attract attention to yourself. This is the main accent of your image.

Big rings

They should not be combined with lush hairstyles. The best option is a simple and elegant "horsetail". With such a concise hairstyle and gold or silver hoop earrings, you will look very elegant and spectacular.

Multi piercing

Multipiercing is when several holes are made in your ear for different types of earrings. For such a complex stylistic technique, it is also worth choosing a laconic, but more complex hairstyle - for example, a "French braid".


These balls are small in size, delicate and exquisite. They will look best with a laconic haircut or hair smoothly combed into a knot.


Such earrings emphasize the line of the neck, so a "square" haircut or hair picked up, perhaps with flirtatiously released strands, is perfect for them.

How to wear earrings?

Here are some tips from ZARINA jewelry stylists.

1. Choose the right metal.

Even if you combine several different earrings, they should be made of the same metal, or at least of the same metal color - for example, white gold and silver, or only gold or silver. Also, they should harmoniously match the color of the metal with other jewelry in your set.

2. Combine styles.

A combination of earrings and balls made in different styles is acceptable if you are confident in your taste and are ready to experiment. Earrings with pearls, long earrings with chains, small balls decorated with precious stones, bold gold rings - don't be afraid to experiment!

3. Follow the proportions.

The composition should be built according to the principle "from big to small". The most massive and multi-tiered earrings should be located closer to the face, a little higher - balls of smaller size and more delicate shape. Also, try not to wear jewelry that repeats the oval of your face.

4. Purses with pearls are an eternal classic.

These delicate balls are perfect for a strict office dress code or for a little black dress - a perennial hit in women's wardrobes. Such a universal pair must be in every woman's purse.

5. Earrings and sportswear.

Bold pendants with abstract shapes go well with casual and sportswear. A sports cap, hair gathered in a "horsetail" will allow you to show your favorite balls in all their glory.

We hope that our tips will help you choose and order the perfect pair of earrings in the catalog on our website and in ZARINA boutiques operating in many cities of Ukraine.

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