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  1. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-245 883
    Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-245 883
    Special Price €931 Regular Price €1'188
  2. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-208 594
    Special Price €573 Regular Price €730
  3. Earrings with diamonds in rose gold 1-208 569
    Special Price €605 Regular Price €772
  4. Earrings with topazes and diamonds in rose gold 1-134 749
    Special Price €623 Regular Price €958
  5. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-245 807
    Special Price €816 Regular Price €1'041
  6. Earrings with diamonds, rubies and pink sapphires 1-207 254
    Special Price €7'536 Regular Price €9'570
  7. Earrings with diamonds in rose gold 1-245 771
    Special Price €1'558 Regular Price €2'011
  8. Earrings with diamonds in yellow gold 1-245 781
    Special Price €7'938 Regular Price €10'253
  9. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1-200 229
    Special Price €1'857 Regular Price €2'357
  10. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1С956-0144
    €3'817 Обычная цена €4'929
  11. Earrings with diamonds in yellow gold 1C579-0003
    €884 Обычная цена €1'122
  12. Earrings with diamonds in rose gold 1-191 695
    Special Price €813 Regular Price €1'034
  13. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1C579-0003
    €704 Обычная цена €1'083
  14. Earrings with topazes and diamonds 1-126 677
    Special Price €1'240 Regular Price €1'575

Earrings with diamonds

Small sparkling stars that will so elegantly emphasize the shine of your eyes. Diamond earrings are favorite and dream jewelry for many women. Thanks to the variety of designs, such earrings can be worn both every day, choosing a minimalist set with one stone, and thanks to them, you can create an elegant festive look with a scattering of precious stones.

Assortment of earrings with diamonds

Among the variety of jewelry presented on the jewelry market of Ukraine, the available design options for earrings are simply amazing. You should familiarize yourself with the assortment of boutiques or view the catalog of an online store to make sure that today you can buy diamond earrings for any need and taste.

The first diamond brand of Ukraine, ZARINA Jewelry House, offers its customers an extremely wide range of jewelry with diamonds. Diamond earrings are particularly popular among brand connoisseurs.

For many years, "carnation" earrings, or earrings with one central stone, have remained the most popular. Earrings, where a transparent shining diamond is combined with other precious stones, are also highly valued. Among ZARINA customers, the most popular additions to the precious mineral are:

  • ruby,
  • sapphire,
  • emerald
  • citrine.

Each of the above stones perfectly emphasizes the beauty of a diamond, creating a precious, rich jewelry composition.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the jewelry collections from ZARINA, which present not ordinary earrings with diamonds, but real works of high jewelry art:

Glacier - a jewelry collection, the design of which ZARINA jewelers was inspired by the beauty of Iceland's glaciers. In Glacier jewelry, the beauty of stones is revealed in such a way as to emphasize the uniqueness of each one.

Fresky is an ideal choice for connoisseurs of black and cognac diamonds. Their sophisticated combination creates a warm, autumn color palette. The collection is characterized by the use of pavé, thanks to which the jewelry looks like a jewelry mosaic.

Grace - is it possible to talk about jewelry with diamonds and not mention the royal classic? This collection is an ode to refined, royal elegance. No frills, just style and pure art.

Where to buy diamond earrings

Ukraine offers an extremely wide range of jewelry. Jewelry districts in shopping centers that cannot be bypassed in a few hours, or small shops on the outskirts of cities - each seller will offer something different, with different designs and prices.

ZARINA Jewelry House knows diamonds best. This mineral itself is associated by many with our brand and for good reason - ZARINA was the first to present jewelry with diamonds in white gold, as well as black and cognac diamonds in Ukraine.

We deservedly hold the title of the First Diamond Brand and the innovator company, which is always the first to offer novelties with European design on the Ukrainian jewelry market.

ZARINA offers a wide range of earrings with diamonds of the highest quality in classic and modern designs, so that every young lady can choose for herself a special piece of jewelry that will become her source of inspiration and strength.

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