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  1. The cross is silver 3П464-0030
    €33 Обычная цена €41
  2. Silver cross 3P464-0023
    €17 Обычная цена €22
  3. The pendant is silver 3П464-0020
    €19 Обычная цена €24
  4. Підвіс срібний 3П464-0022
    €12 Обычная цена €15
  5. Хрест срібний К464:ЭС-П17
    €17 Обычная цена €21
  6. The pendant is silver 3-238 699
    Special Price €30 Regular Price €42
  7. The pendant is silver 3П928-0027
    €32 Обычная цена €46
  8. The pendant is silver 3-238 666
    Special Price €22 Regular Price €31
  9. Silver charm 3-275 349
    Special Price €16 Regular Price €23
  10. Silver charm 3H722-0132
    €13 Обычная цена €18
  11. Pendant silver 3P811-0539
    €16 Обычная цена €22
  12. Pendant silver 3P544-0012
    €20 Обычная цена €28
  13. Pendant silver 3P544-0067
    €10 Обычная цена €15
  14. Silver pendant 3П714-0008
    €60 Обычная цена €86
  15. Silver pendant with calcite 3-179 412
    Special Price €41 Regular Price €59

Silver pendants

Among the variety of jewelry, silver pendants occupy a special place. A wide selection of design solutions, affordable prices and easy styling with other jewelry makes these jewelry one of the most beloved among jewelry boutique clients.

A silver pendant is an excellent choice as an inexpensive gift for women. The absence of the need to choose a size, availability and wide range make them an excellent gift, which will always emphasize the solemnity of the moment and the good taste of the one who gives this gift.

Types of silver pendants

The world of jewelry is rich and diverse. And pendants, as part of it, include several subspecies, focusing on which, it will be more convenient for you to make a choice before buying jewelry. Often, when talking about silver pendants, we do not think about the variety of types of jewelry presented today in this group of products.

Pectoral crosses, zodiac signs, first letters of name or date of birth. And also seals, bows, metal weaving and stones in the settings. This is just a small part of the huge range of silver pendants.

These exquisite neck jewelry can be divided into several popular groups:

  • Medallions are round pendants that often open up. Inside the medallion you can put a photo of your loved one or some important element, or apply an engraving or design.
  • Crosses and religious symbols - symbols of faith - are a popular type of jewelry. Such silver pendants for men and girls emphasize the importance of faith in the lives of their owners.
  • Amulets – lovers of mystical stories will like pendants with pagan symbols or zodiac signs. Such jewelry bears ancient symbols, full of legends and beliefs.
  • Decorative pendants are the most common neck decorations. Usually pendants are worn on chains or leather ropes. They can be made in a wide variety of designs, usually serving only a decorative function, but a well-chosen pendant becomes a real source of strength for its owner and will inspire her every day.
  • Personalized pendants are a popular type of jewelry today. Letters, dates and symbols that play an important role in life, a real life story can be written on the jewelry. After all, a piece of jewelry can tell so much about its owner!

The most popular today are silver pendants:

  • Silver pendants with stones
  • Pendants without stones
  • Silver pendants with coating (yellow rhodium, blackening...)

Silver pendants with inserts

Manufacturers of jewelry in Ukraine and around the world use both artificial and semi-precious and even precious stones as inserts in silver pendants. Jewelry enamel and Murano glass are also widely used. Today in boutique windows you can find neck jewelry made of silver with synthetic stones, as well as with a diamond, ruby or other precious stone.

Combining silver with cubic zirconia or synthetic stones allows you to create an inexpensive alternative to precious jewelry. Imitations of precious stones made in modern production are visually absolutely indistinguishable from the originals, and the plasticity of silver allows you to create real jewelry masterpieces from it.

This makes them an excellent alternative for outdoor activities or during a tourist trip, where it is not worth taking original jewelry. Thanks to this solution, you will always have a sophisticated look, enjoying the variety of your jewelry looks without unnecessary costs and risks.

Silver is an excellent companion for precious stones. Thanks to the malleability of the metal, jewelry craftsmen can use it to create a worthy frame for the best stones. The ZARINA Jewelry House is known for its exquisite combinations of stones and metals and its ability to work with diamonds. In the ZARINA assortment you can find a silver pendant with a diamond, on which you can engrave your choice - this wonderful memorable gift will preserve a special moment for you forever.

Pearls are one of the most beloved minerals by women. And this is not surprising, because they personify femininity since ancient times. Pearls pair perfectly with silver, creating a sophisticated composition that is perfect as a daily adornment or a sophisticated accent to an evening look.

Pendants without stones

Such pendants are most often distinguished by their elegant work with metal. Since they do not use inlays, jewelers usually rely on skillful work with this precious metal.

Pendants with decorative elements in the form of spheres or chains are popular - such a design will always be relevant and appropriate. And even massive jewelry will look stylish and advantageous in it. Pendants without inserts are often worn several on one chain; they combine perfectly with each other and allow you to create interesting jewelry compositions.

Often, silver women's pendants in the form of crosses or icons are made in the design without the use of inserts. As well as other religious signs.

Plated silver pendants

Rhodium plating, gilding or blackening are the three most popular plating techniques for silver pendants. Thanks to these jewelry techniques, silver sparkles with new shades.

  • Rhodium plating is a technique in which silver jewelry is coated with a thin layer of the precious platinum group metal, rhodium. It is distinguished by its durability, therefore, thanks to the coating, the decoration will retain its characteristics for a longer time.
  • Gold plated. Gilding has long been known as a technique for working with silver items. Thanks to it, silver takes on the appearance of gold jewelry, without a significant increase in price. More often you can find a coating in the yellow shade of the noble metal.
  • Blackening. Original and stylish technology. Allows you to give silver a dark tint. A popular technique allows you to emphasize the character of the jewelry and its owner.

Where to buy a silver pendant

Silver pendants are widely represented in the assortment of the ZARINA Jewelry House. Thanks to its innovative approach, the Ukrainian brand always offers jewelry connoisseurs exclusively current designs and high quality jewelry. A wide range of jewelry is presented in ZARINA boutiques and the online store zarina.ua, and orders are delivered throughout Ukraine.

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