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  1. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б551-0026
    €4'133 Обычная цена €5'250
  2. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold tennis 1-210 776
    Special Price €6'350 Regular Price €8'063
  3. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold tennis 1-210 780
    Special Price €2'406 Regular Price €3'053
  4. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0132
    €399 Обычная цена €507
  5. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0134
    €412 Обычная цена €524
  6. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1Б034-0136
    €289 Обычная цена €368
  7. White gold bracelet 2Б914-0056
    €569 Обычная цена €640
  8. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 1-210 775
    Special Price €11'566 Regular Price €14'688
  9. Bracelet with diamonds in white gold 8-214 624
    Special Price €27'663 Regular Price €36'885

White gold bracelet

White gold bracelets are one of the most popular jewelry for women. They are distinguished by their elegance, originality and attractiveness. Women's bracelet made of white gold will be a great addition to any look and decorate the hand of its owner.

One of the main advantages of white gold bracelets is their versatility. They can be used both in everyday life and at festive events. White gold goes well with different types of precious stones, allowing you to create unique combinations. You can choose a white gold bracelet with diamonds, sapphires, rubies or other stones that will give it a special charm.

White gold bracelets: what to consider when choosing?

Women's white gold bracelet is an excellent accessory that will give you a unique charm and luxury. However, before you buy it, it is important to consider several factors to ensure the best choice. So, let's look at what to look for when looking for the perfect bracelet.

  1. Quality of white gold: Check that the bracelet is made of high quality gold. White gold must be properly calibrated (eg 18 carats) to ensure its strength and durability.
  2. Design: Choose a white gold bracelet that suits your style and personal taste. There are many different designs such as chain bracelets, bracelets with stones or lace. Choose the one that grabs your attention the most.
  3. Size & Length: Please measure your wrist before purchasing. The bracelet should fit properly and not be too big or too small. Please note that some bracelets are adjustable in length.
  4. Convenience: It should be comfortable and not interfere with your daily activities. Make sure the clasp is secure and easy to use.
  5. Price: Be sure to set a budget before heading out to find a white gold bracelet. It is available in different price ranges, so it is important to find one that suits you both in terms of quality and price.

White gold bracelet: price, order and delivery

Zarina Jewelry House is pleased to present you its catalog of white gold bracelets, which will be a great addition to your look. Our bracelets are made of high quality white gold, which gives them a special sparkle and elegance.

In our assortment you will find women's white gold bracelets that meet the latest fashion trends. You can choose a bracelet with crystals, diamonds or other precious stones to give it a unique sparkle.

The price of our white gold bracelets depends on the chosen materials, design and decor. We offer affordable prices in Ukraine for all our products, so that everyone can purchase the desired decoration. To find out the exact price for the bracelet you have chosen, contact our manager or use the order form on our website.

Buying a white gold bracelet is very easy. Just choose the option you want and contact us using the contact details on our website or fill out the order form. Our managers will be happy to help you in choosing and placing an order.

White gold jewelry is always in trend, and bracelets are no exception. They will emphasize your femininity, style and originality. You deserve the best, so choose a white gold bracelet from Zarina Jewelry House and enjoy the ultimate experience of wearing an elegant piece of jewelry.

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