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Do you know the story behind Kate Middleton's engagement ring? It's magical! This ring was once given to Lady Diana, the mother of Prince William. When William decided to propose, the whole family, who was delighted with the future bride, confirmed that Lady Di's ring should belong to Kate. From the very engagement, Kate Middleton does not take off this ring, a sign of their love and marital union with Prince William. This ring is a symbol of royal dignity and style. Inspired by this romantic story, we created the COLORS OF LOVE collection. Rings from this collection can be used to ask for the hand - just as Prince William did. Jewelry with sapphires, emeralds and rubies at the center will inspire you to start your own love story. The main thing left to do is to choose your color.

  1. White gold ring with diamonds and sapphires
    €642 Обычная цена €691
  2. suspension
    €1'676 Обычная цена €1'801
  3. suspension
    Special Price €425 Regular Price €686
  4. Saiyan ring in white gold with diamonds and ruby
    Special Price €670 Regular Price €1'080
  5. Ruby and diamond ring
    Special Price €260 Regular Price €279
  6. Rings with diamonds and emeralds in white gold 1-178 727
    Special Price €443 Regular Price €478
  7. Rings with diamonds and emeralds in white gold 1-160 359
    Special Price €1'656 Regular Price €2'065
  8. Rings with diamonds and emeralds in white gold 1-158 678
    Special Price €740 Regular Price €1'193
  9. Rings with diamonds and emeralds in white gold 1-148 780
    Special Price €875 Regular Price €1'411
  10. Rings with diamonds and emeralds in ivory gold 1-142 694
    Special Price €349 Regular Price €564
  11. Rings with diamonds and emeralds 1-142 856
    Special Price €343 Regular Price €554
  12. Rings with diamonds and emeralds 1-113 392
    Special Price €691 Regular Price €742
  13. Ring with tourmaline and diamonds in white gold 8-215 126
    Special Price €3'285 Regular Price €3'325
  14. Ring with topaz in white gold 2К034НП-1672
    €216 Обычная цена €216
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