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Jewelry for men

"Jewelry is useless to a real man" is a myth. Fine jewelry is designed to emphasize the masculinity, elegance, individual style and good taste of its owner. Rings and rings, bracelets, neck chains and pendants from ancient times and are still popular among the strong half of humanity to this day.In time, cufflinks, tie clips and other fancy accessories were added to them.

How do men choose their jewelry?

Most men are very thorough and pay attention to details. They do not give in to spontaneous emotional outbursts when they plan to buy a piece of jewelry - it is always a balanced, thought-out choice. Jewelry must reflect the character of its owner, symbolizing power, strength, status, courage, determination, causing admiration and recognition. As a rule, men wear their jewelry all their lives, and sometimes even pass it on as an inheritance.

What do men wear?

Here are some examples of the most popular jewelry "for him"

Neck chain

This decoration is probably the most popular among men.

How to choose a chain for a man?

Tall men will suit powerful models with a length of 55-65 cm, slim, short - more elegant chains of 50 cm long. You can also choose a pendant or pendant for the chain.

Pendants are selected taking into account the taste, type of activity, zodiac sign, religious affiliation of the future owner. In particular, quite often a cross or other religious symbol is chosen as a pendant - in this case, it performs the function of a talisman. Such products are presented in the ZARINA men's collection in various variants of metal color and design.

The chain must be selected taking into account the weight of the pendant: the chain must be at least 1.5-2 times heavier than the pendant. For example, a pendant weighing 4 g requires a chain weighing 8 g or more.


This stylish jewelry on the hand can emphasize courage (because a man's hands have always been considered the object of special attention), add special individuality to any image: business, sports, classic, everyday. The main thing when choosing a bracelet is to correctly determine the size of the wrist. It is necessary to measure the wrist in the wide part and add 1-2 cm - this will be the optimal length of your bracelet. If you choose a more classic model, add 1 cm to the wrist size. If you plan to buy a massive and more "sporty" or "casual" model with large links, add 2 cm.

It is important that the bracelet:

  1. did not fall;
  2. did not shake hands;
  3. did not cause discomfort;
  4. easily removed.

Business men are advised to pay attention to classic bracelets made of precious metal - for example, yellow or white gold. Leather bracelets with silver or gold inserts are perfect for men who prefer a more sporty or casual style. Interesting options are bracelets with blackened silver and dark enamel, you can also find them in the men's collection of the ZARINA Jewelry House. When determining the thickness of the bracelet, it is very important to take into account the width of the wrist: the wider it is, the more massive the bracelet should be.


This is a popular decoration that is always present in ZARINA men's collections. Rings and rings for men are characterized by a laconic design and clear lines. When creating these jewelry, engraving, precious stone inserts, enamel, blackening, casting and other modern technologies are used.

When choosing a ring for a man, do not try not to make a mistake with the size. The ring should sit comfortably on the finger, not dangle and not squeeze it.

When choosing jewelry for an engagement or wedding, pay attention to the thickness and width of the walls of the ring. A thin wedding ring on a man's hand will not look very appropriate, in addition, it can cause discomfort to its owner. It is quite acceptable and correct for a man's engagement ring to be more massive than a woman's.

Men can wear 2 or more rings on their hand, but the canons of elegance and style dictate their own rules. Combine a wedding ring with a ring - let's say it's important that they look harmoniously together. If the ring is too brutal, a more restrained engagement ring next to it will look inappropriate. This ring will also look out of place with a business suit.

Men's rings made of white metal - high-quality silver, white gold - are very popular today. ZARINA Jewelry House offers a wide selection of such jewelry for men.


These jewelry are back in fashion, although, of course, they are unlikely to be worn by men who prefer exclusively sports style in clothes. Cufflinks are worn only with classic men's shirts, fixing them in the loops located on the cuffs.

It is worth noting that modern models of cufflinks have ceased to be exclusively functional jewelry: rather, it is an image, stylish, rather elite accessory.

The ZARINA men's collection presents cufflinks of various shapes made of white and yellow gold, decorated with precious stones (diamonds, onyx), multi-colored enamel

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