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  1. Earrings with diamonds in white gold 1К956-0140
    €3'048 Обычная цена €3'937
  2. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K955-0103
    €541 Обычная цена €693
  3. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1ОБ171-0009
    €360 Обычная цена €458
  4. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1ОБ171-0007
    €1'308 Обычная цена €1'666
  5. Ring with smoky quartz and diamonds in white gold 1-109 657
    Special Price €1'088 Regular Price €1'338
  6. Ring with topaz and diamonds in white gold 1-086 856
    Special Price €666 Regular Price €821
  7. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K759-0409
    €3'040 Обычная цена €3'927
  8. Ring with diamonds and topaz in white gold 1-008 724
    Special Price €1'468 Regular Price €1'803
  9. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1К441-0267
    €6'725 Обычная цена €8'274
  10. Ring with cubic zirconia in white gold 2-230 334
    Special Price €506 Regular Price €566
  11. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K464DK-0048
    €894 Обычная цена €1'142
  12. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K464DK-0047
    €1'002 Обычная цена €1'276
  13. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K464-0015
    €674 Обычная цена €860
  14. Diamond and pearl ring in white gold 1-008 688
    Special Price €5'478 Regular Price €6'740
  15. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K464DK-0011
    €600 Обычная цена €764
  16. Ring with a diamond in white gold 1K464DK-0017
    €414 Обычная цена €527
  17. Ring with diamonds and sapphires in white gold 1-183 954
    Special Price €1'210 Regular Price €1'487
  18. Ring with diamonds in white gold 1-244 489
    Special Price €2'237 Regular Price €2'751

White gold rings

White gold rings became popular in Ukraine later than in Europe. And we are sincerely proud of the fact that ZARINA Jewelry House was the first to present white gold rings with diamonds to its customers. At first, this combination was perceived as too modest, white gold was often confused with silver. The reason for this was the Soviet past of Ukrainians, where only extremely luxurious and luxurious jewelry was valued. But gradually, European jewelry fashion gained popularity among Ukrainian women, and white gold took its rightful place among favorites in our country.

Always luxurious white gold rings

White gold began to gain popularity in the 20s of the last century. Then it became necessary to find a replacement for the less "obedient" platinum. Jewelers began to use white gold and gradually it practically replaced platinum - products became more diverse, and their price was lower. This led to an increase in demand and a significant expansion of the model range of jewelry in this precious metal.

Gradually, the combination of white gold with a transparent gemstone became classic. Engagement rings with these materials gained more and more popularity and became real sales hits. However, apart from diamonds, white gold goes well with other precious stones. The most popular as inserts for rings with white gold are:

  1. Sapphires - for their cold glow. Blue sapphires in white gold are especially popular - this is an elegant and at the same time luxurious combination of materials.
  2. Emeralds - a green stone emphasizes the sophistication of the metal. Together, they create an exquisite, understated, precious symphony.
  3. Tsavorite - the variety of shades of this precious stone allows jewelers to show all their imagination, creating colorful jewelry masterpieces. White gold will suit such a rich ring as best as possible.

Of course, the wide assortment of the jewelry market of Ukraine is not limited to the listed minerals. Pearls, rubies, black and cognac diamonds and many other materials - our catalog of rings will satisfy all your wishes.

Universal design

As we said above, white gold is valued by jewelers for its softness. This metal is very comfortable to work with. So jewelry can be created in the most fantastic shapes and designs. If you want to buy a white gold ring, you may be interested in the collection listed below:

  • ELLE

Each of these collections has a wide range of jewelry, strongly expressed character and style. But don't limit your search only to them - in almost every collection from ZARINA you can find a white gold ring. Jewelry should emphasize your inner world, reveal it. And rings from ZARINA, created with love and boundless respect for women, have been doing this for many years.

Which white gold ring to buy

When you have already decided to buy a white gold ring, you need to decide on a brand. As a Ukrainian company, we confidently recommend paying attention to the domestic manufacturer. After all, often in the price of European jewelry you pay a lot of additional costs incurred by the manufacturer and importer.

The quality of Ukrainian jewelry is not lower, but often higher, than that of foreign brands. And the design often has unique Ukrainian features that add a very special meaning to the products.

The best white gold rings in 2022

Product Product price, uah
Ring with diamonds in white gold 1K193-0537 from UAH from 45 200
White gold ring 2K914-0110 from 4 220
White gold ring 2K914-0116 from UAH from 2 580
Ring in white gold with cubic zirconia 2K765-0155 from 5 310
White gold ring 2K914-0087 from 3 370
White gold ring 2K914-0100 from 4 020 
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