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  1. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1L809-0126
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  2. Necklace with diamonds and white gold 1L956-0019
    €1'864 Обычная цена €2'367
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    Special Price €1'414 Regular Price €1'477
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    €725 Обычная цена €919
  5. Necklace with diamonds and white gold 1L034DK-0176
    €725 Обычная цена €919
  6. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1-153 556
    Special Price €649 Regular Price €823
  7. Necklace with diamonds in rose gold 1Л034ДК-1685
    €522 Обычная цена €662
  8. Necklace with diamonds and white gold 1L034DK-0177
    €522 Обычная цена €662
  9. Necklace with diamonds and white gold 1L034-0156
    €884 Обычная цена €1'122
  10. Necklace with diamonds and praline in rose gold 8-147 885
    Special Price €12'892 Regular Price €16'371
  11. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1L809-0145
    €1'548 Обычная цена €1'965
  12. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1L809-0144
    €1'186 Обычная цена €1'507
  13. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1L809-0140
    €889 Обычная цена €1'129
  14. Necklace with diamonds in white gold 1L809-0137
    €889 Обычная цена €1'129
  15. Necklace with diamonds in rose gold 1L809-0134
    €757 Обычная цена €963


Jewelry, chosen with taste, can create a unique image and correctly place the accents. Special events - a ball, an official reception, a theatrical premiere or a romantic dinner - require not only a suitable dress and makeup, but also special jewelry. For such occasions, it makes sense to buy an elegant necklace or necklace - they will perfectly match the evening outfit.


This is a neck ornament in the form of a thin ring or chain decorated with decorative elements. It may contain inserts of precious stones, pearls or metal fittings. Fragments of a necklace, as a rule, are identical in shape and size, but there are also more complex ornaments consisting of geometric fragments of different configurations. The base of the necklace is usually made of gold, silver or other metal - unlike beads strung on a strong thread. The main feature of the necklace is the presence of identical or similar in size inserts in the fastening cells. Necklaces are different from chains: simply put, if stones or accessories are inserted into the chain, it becomes a necklace.

There are different types of such jewelry:

  1. necklaces with a flexible base;
  2. necklaces on a hard hoop;
  3. solid necklaces;
  4. necklaces with detachable links.


This decoration is different from a necklace. It has a more complex design with a pronounced central fragment, which can consist of one or more artistic elements. It is on this central part of the decoration that the main attention is focused. The necklace can be decorated with elegant pendants - one or more. Pendants can be decorated with precious stones or consist of geometric elements of a special shape. In the center of the necklace, there is usually a large jewel or a complex composition of massive links into which other stones or decorative elements are inserted. Fastening options can also be different in shape and style - it can be a lock, chain, lace or ribbon.

Necklaces can differ in design, and can also be made of different materials: from precious metals - gold, silver, as well as from soft materials - for example, from leather.

Most often, necklaces are decorated with one or more precious stones - emeralds, topazes, amethysts, diamonds, etc. Jewelry without stones is also popular - they have an original design and complex geometric shapes, can be decorated with pearls, corals, ribbons, enamel and other decorative elements The main difference between a necklace and a necklace is the presence of a large accented detail that attracts attention.

There are several types of design of such products. Here are the most common:

  1. A choker is a necklace that fits snugly around the neck, usually adjustable in length to ensure a comfortable fit.
  2. Sclavage (from the French esclavage) is a type of choker decorated with a large central element. Precious stones in a necklace are attached to a strip of expensive fabric (silk or velvet), in the center of such a necklace there can be a pendant that should lie in a dimple on the neck.
  3. A zipper is an ornament, the central element of which is a fastener located in the front. In ancient models of such necklaces, the clasp itself was considered the most expensive part of the decoration, special attention was paid to its design. The zipper closure can be decorated with small gems.
  4. Riviera is a unique type of necklace that consists of identical or similar stones. The whole trick is in their delicate attachment: the attachment points are almost impossible to distinguish with the naked eye. This is a great option for an evening or a special occasion.

Depending on the length of jewelry, necklaces and necklaces are also divided into several categories:

  1. "Collar" (from the English collar - collar) is a product that fits tightly around the neck, usually 30 to 35 cm long.
  2. "Princess" is a classic version of jewelry with a length of 43 to 48 cm.
  3. "Matine" (fr. Matinée - daytime performance) is a product 50-60 cm long.
  4. "Opera" is a chic long piece of jewelry that usually consists of several necklaces. Its length is from 65 to 90 cm.
  5. "Rope (translated from English - rope, harness) is a necklace more than 100-120 cm long.
  6. "Lariat" is almost the same as rope, the only difference is that this decoration does not have connected ends, decorated with tassels or other decorative elements.

Necklaces and collars are one of the most popular neck ornaments among Ukrainian consumers. You can choose the perfect jewelry and buy it in the ZARINA network of boutiques, as well as in our online store. We recommend that you pay attention to our promotional offers: it is quite possible that you will find your favorite jewelry at a good price there.

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