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Wedding is an extremely exciting and solemn event, one of the most important in your life.

That is why it needs careful preparation: at your wedding, everything should be unsurpassed, starting with exquisite jewelry!

Engagement rings and wedding rings made of gold and silver, decorated with diamonds and other precious stones, luxurious necklaces and earrings!

You can choose all this in our online catalog, or contact the consultants by calling the ZARINA call center.

  1. ZARINA diamond ring in white gold
    €333 Обычная цена €443
  2. ZARINA diamond ring in white gold
    €711 Обычная цена €948
  3. ZARINA diamond ring in white gold
    €1'283 Обычная цена €1'710
  4. Ring with diamond Flower in white gold
    €292 Обычная цена €390
  5. Ring with diamond Flower in rose gold
    Special Price €292 Regular Price €390
  6. ZARINA diamond ring in white gold
    €527 Обычная цена €703
  7. ZARINA diamond ring in white gold
    €748 Обычная цена €997
  8. Ring
    €7'376 Обычная цена €9'834
  9. Ring
    €3'221 Обычная цена €4'295
  10. Ring
    €360 Обычная цена €480
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  12. Ring
    €413 Обычная цена €590
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  14. Ring
    €4'153 Обычная цена €5'537
  15. Ring
    €18'164 Обычная цена €24'218
  16. Ring
    €318 Обычная цена €424
  17. Ring
  18. Ring
  19. Ring
  20. Ring
    €333 Обычная цена €443

Wedding decorations

Every bride strives for everything to be perfect on her wedding day. This is one of the most exciting moments in her life, and, of course, she must be irresistible! Properly selected jewelry plays a very important role in this, because they are a sign of good taste, forming a unique image of the main character of the special event.

Selecting jewelry that perfectly matches a wedding dress is a delicate art and a very delicate task. It is important not to overload the image with elegant details and emphasize the individual style of the bride. We recommend adhering to the main rule for selecting wedding jewelry: the more complex the style of the dress, the less flashy the jewelry should be, and vice versa - the more laconic the dress, the more complex, massive and noticeable jewelry should be chosen for it.

Most often, for such cases, respectable, exquisite jewelry is chosen, including those with multi-colored precious stones. Preference is given to diamonds, which can be either white, black or cognac. Emeralds, sapphires and topazes in white or yellow gold are also very popular. You can find such jewelry in the “Vesilna” wedding selection in the catalog on the ZARINA website. Wedding jewelry doesn't have to be too expensive: our selection includes options for different budgets.

Here are recommendations from ZARINA stylists that will help you create the perfect wedding look.

  • Earrings. Pay attention to openwork items with stones made of white gold or silver. We recommend choosing long earrings for an off-the-shoulder dress. If the dress has a small neckline or a closed neckline, neat studs with small stones are ideal for it. We recommend the same delicate earrings for brides who have chosen a high hairstyle.
  • Necklaces. An exquisite pendant on a thin chain will go perfectly with a dress with open shoulders or a deep neckline. It is important that the necklace and earrings match well in style, design, color of the materials from which they are made, as well as the color and texture of the stones. A minimalist dress without embroidery and lace can be combined with a massive necklace, but in this case the earrings should be more delicate and small.
  • Bracelets. A thin, elegant bracelet (for example, a chain decorated with small stones, a thin string of pearls, etc.) will be suitable for a dress without sleeves and gloves, decorated with some decorative elements. If the dress is laconic and sleeveless, the bracelet can be more massive, with large, expressive stones.
  • Hair jewelry. A lot of attention is usually paid to this nuance of a wedding dress. A luxurious tiara or diadem makes the bride feel like a real queen. She looks amazing both with her hair down and with a complex hairstyle. However, if the bride chooses such jewelry, she will have to abandon the necklace. A healthy balance is important in everything!

Exquisite jewelry for a wedding can be purchased in the network of boutiques of the ZARINA Jewelry House or ordered in the brand’s online store.

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