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NEON Collection

NEON is your bright manifesto.

Yes, yes, you are entitled to this statement. Just like Andy Warhol, Madonna and Cindy Loper, and they, like no one else, once knew neons. Society has always considered them freaks, although talented, but they did not care - in fact, just like you. Because you, like them, choose what to be today. Yesterday - a black leather jacket and martinis, and today - a pink dress and heels? Pf, this is just the beginning! Get ready, world!

NEAR Jewelry Collection from ZARINA Jewelry House is your weapon in the fight with everyday life! Made of silver (white or yellow), these babies are decorated with colored enamels in a variety of designs and the brightest shades. Adulthood and restraint? Who cares. Mix. Combine. Be bright!

  1. Ring
    €20 Обычная цена €34
  2. Ring
    €26 Обычная цена €43
  3. Ring
    €19 Обычная цена €32
  4. Ring
    €11 Обычная цена €17
  5. Ring
    €19 Обычная цена €32
  6. Ring
    €20 Обычная цена €33
  7. Bracelet
    €38 Обычная цена €63
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