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Who are these fashionistas? Crazy about fashion. Designers and models, celebrities and pop stars. Cindy Crawford and Victoria Beckham.

These girls would probably appreciate the FASHIONISTA collection. The crazy aesthetics of the "nineties", the heyday of electro-pop and MTV. Luxury on the verge of kitsch, glamor splashed on the streets of cities and towns.

Collection of silver rings and earrings with gold, pearls and colored enamels that go well with bright or dark lipstick, black nail polish, bold mini and jackets with wide shoulders. And, in fact, even to the classic white T-shirt and baseball cap in the style of Backstreet Boys. Everything that was relevant in the nineties is relevant today. Fashionista delighted!

  1. Браслет з жовтого золота 2Б526-0009
    €1'420 Обычная цена €2'120
  2. Brooch pin from yellow gold 2В143-0032
    €104 Обычная цена €189
  3. Ring in yellow-pink gold 2К914-0012
    €299 Обычная цена €556
  4. White gold ring 2К914-0001
    €235 Обычная цена €437
  5. Gold ring with zirconias 2-230 286
    Special Price €228 Regular Price €424
  6. White gold earrings
    €298 Обычная цена €587
  7. Ring in white gold with cubic zirkonia
    €566 Обычная цена €1'054
  8. Earrings in white gold with cubic zirkonia
    €784 Обычная цена €1'568
  9. Ring massive
    €661 Обычная цена €1'340
  10. Yellow gold ring with cubic zirkonia
    €178 Обычная цена €362
  11. Yellow gold ring
    €313 Обычная цена €634
  12. Rose gold earrings
    €674 Обычная цена €1'202
  13. Yellow gold earrings
    €438 Обычная цена €888
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